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addiction support loving an addict
Loving an addict is undeniably difficult.

How To Love An Addict: Balancing Compassion and Self-Protection

Loving an addict is undeniably difficult. Addiction is a family disease that wreaks havoc on the lives of the addict as well as the addict's family and loved ones. The addict's primary relationship is with his or her mind-altering chemical (or compulsive behavior) at the expense of other relationships.

Reflections On Dating And Selecting A Mate

Reflections On Dating And Selecting A Mate

Dating is complicated. There are so many questions you think about when searching for that special someone that sooner or later becomes more of task than anything. Our expert reveals a new way to to think about this 'task' to find your mate.

swear jar: bad words for your marriage
Swear words aren't the only words that will kill your marriage.

Love Language: 5 Words That Will Ruin Your Marriage

Words are powerful. They can cut you, heal you, inspire you, and stop you from certain actions. Learning the language of marriage takes time, but if you use any of these words, you should stop right now.

How Independence Creates More Intimacy
Somtimes it take being apart to come together

How Independence Creates More Intimacy

Sometimes we feel like we have to be around on our significant other all the time. Truth is, sometimes you need some boundaries to and some independence to create a strong, healthy, and intimate relationship.

juicing: the secret to keep your relationship healthy
Your health is your sexiest asset.

The Secret To Put The 'Juice' Back Into Your Relationship

Men and women pull out all the stops to find love. They work out, dress well and keep themselves well-groomed ... until they find a committed relationship. It's important to be healthy not just to keep your partner happy, but to feel good in your own skin.

Why couples delay getting divorced
Don't stay together for the sake of the family. If you should divorce, the time is now.

The Decision To Divorce: 3 Ways Couples Delay The Inevitable

Between your kids' sports schedules, your sick mother-in-law and both of your full-time jobs ... it never seems like the right time to divorce. But delaying your decision to split can do more harm than good.