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Relationship Cure 101
Communication could be the key to healing a broken heart.

Relationship Cure 101

Communication is essential if you want to maintain a strong and healthy relationship. Here are some tips to make sure you and you partner can always tell each other how you feel.

jaden smith will smith
Is Will Smith a lax father because his own parents were strict disciplinarians?

Will Smith: Why 'Inner Vows' About Parenting Can Be Dangerous

The danger with making inner vows about parenting is that they inhibit normal growth: They cause extremes. After living in a strict environment, Will Smith has shared that his parenting style is the opposite of his father's: He doesn't believe in discipline and punishment.

sex advice: ways to drive you to orgasm
Don't be a backseat driver in your sex life.

Sexy Rules Of The Road: 5 Ways To Help Him Drive You To Orgasm

Ladies, it's time to take charge of your orgasm! Stop blaming your partner for not making it happen for you during sex. Think of your body as a high-performance vehicle that you're placing in the hands of a novice driver—your lover—each time you have sex. He wants you to reach the big O, but he needs some help operating your vehicle.

How To Keep ADHD From Ruining Your Marital Sex Life
In a marriage, ADHD "distraction" sometimes equals porn addiction and cheating.

How To Keep ADHD From Ruining Your Marital Sex Life

The same ADHD (Attention Deficity Hyperactivity Disorder) behaviors, compulsions, and coping strategies that send a married couple's relationship into rocky terrain can also get their sex life off track.

The One Thing He Can't Do For You

The One Thing He Can't Do For You

Men aren't superheroes. Sometimes women seem to rely on men a little too much to boost their self esteem. Our expert reveals a way to kick that habit and ehat exactly we can ask from our men.

second marriages
Fact: 45 percent of second marriages last compared to 31 percent of first marriages.

Second Marriages: 4 Reasons They Are Better Than The First

When you get remarried, the chances of the union being successful are much higher than the first marriage. Why? Because second-timers go into marriage with the rule book. Here's a list of the four strongest reasons why second marriages are successful.

How Porn Can Wreck Your Sex Life
Porn: Is it bad for our sex lives?

How Porn Can Wreck Your Sex Life

If a man grows up expecting the type of stimulation offered in porn, he may find it difficult to adjust to the reality of sex with a living, breathing sexual partner.