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No Valentine This Year! Join The Anti-Valentines Day

This is one holiday that I either love or dread but mostly dread depending on my relationship status as well as most of the people that I know. In fact even couples that are together for some time seem to dread this holiday, especially the men. This is not an article to be negative or take away from other people’s festive romantic time, but to add a little anti-Valentine’s Day humor to the rest of us who would rather just wish the day away.. Let’s start with the meaning of this holiday:

valentines day
Ugh ... is it V-Day again?

3 Ways For Cynics To Embrace Valentines Day

Are you dreading Valentines Day because the dream of romance never quite pans out? Rather than remind yourself of romance gone bad or a partner that went missing in action, make this Valentines Day a true celebration of your love — whether you have a partner or not.

Top 3 Signs That Reveal A Guy Is Emotionally Available

Have you ever been in involved with a guy you thought was "the one"? In the beginning, and even for the first few months everyhting was great...or so you thought. Then all of a sudden, the sun burst and the happiness facade soon dissipated into the ethers. And once the dust settled and you took off  the rose colored glasses you realized that Mr. Right was Mr. Wrong right from the beginning.

special needs kid
Raising children with special needs is incredibly rewarding but can strain a marriage.

10 Marriage Tips For Couples With Special Needs Children

Sometimes life doesn't turn out as you had expected. But the truth is, when you are dealt a bad hand, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back in the game. Giving up, feeling sorry for yourself, and crying over the unfairness of it all doesn't cut it. Parents of special needs children know this to be true.

How To Take Control Of Valentines Day

If you’re like many women, Valentine’s Day can be tricky; it’s a big deal for you, and your man somehow blows it more often than he gets it “right”. How can you deal with this annual dance of angst leading up to February 14th, so often followed by hurt, angry, disappointed or resentful feelings afterwards?

A Loving Relationship Starts With Yourself!

A Loving Relationship Starts With Yourself!

Marie fell in love with Steve the first night they met.  June was right, he was perfect for her-handsome, a good listener and in a similar line of work. Soon she was madly in love to the point of going over the top in every way to enjoy their love affair.  Sleep didn't matter.  Food didn't matter.  Her job didn't matter.  Only Steve mattered.  The love making was unbelievable, and so was the connection.  The magic would go on forever....

Keep Love Alive, Even When Life Gets Crazy Busy

Keep Love Alive, Even When Life Gets Crazy Busy

Jen can’t remember the last time she and her husband Bob, had a date or a moment purely to themselves. They both have demanding careers as well as a busy family life. All four of their kids are active in sports so free time is spent shuttling one (or more) to practices and games.

Are You Experiencing Déjà Vu Dating

Are You Experiencing Déjà Vu Dating

Déjà vu, the feeling that you have experienced a similar situation before, happens to all of us. We walk into a new restaurant and it feels familiar. Someone says something to you and you know that you have heard them say the same exact thing to you previously. Feeling like you are reliving a moment in time can be eery. It reminds of us the comedy Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray where his character lives the same day repeatedly.