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Why Old Gen Y Hates To Online Date
Online dating? Yes, no, maybe so...?

Why Old Gen Y Hates To Online Date

We may be living in modern times, but the mindset of Gen Y is still stuck in the 20th century. This article discusses why this generation is so intolerant of online dating.

bad parenting
The poor girl did nothing wrong!

Moms, Are You Guilty Of This?

If my belief is correct and our children model their behavior on ours, then the little girl who was just standing in line at the grocery store next to me is going to grow up to be a major jerk.

finances after divorce
What's more stressful than divorce? The financial difficulties following it.

How To Get Financially Stable After Divorce

Divorce is expensive enough without all the financial expenses you face afterward. So, how do you gain financial stability when so much money has been already spent? Our expert has some advice for you.

Six Condoms Tips, that the AARP Won’t Tell You!

Six Condoms Tips, that the AARP Won’t Tell You!

Arousing statistics when it comes to the Baby Boomer generation and dating! With newfound freedom, the creation of the little blue pill and Barry White on CD, the retirement plan became a bit steamier. Free from the stress of a job, kids out of the home, and new health developments, the Baby Boomer generation has romance on the mind.