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mom and kid
Now is the time to create new traditions as you move into a new phase of life.

Just Divorced? 7 Tips For Greeting The Spring Holidays With Grace

While the pleasant memories are worth holding onto, the first holidays you experience post-divorce provide the perfect opportunity to cast off the unhappy ones. Instead of clinging to the legacy of the past, you can choose the pieces of each holiday that you want to keep, and toss away the bits that don't resonate with your new life.

How Do I Protect My Daughter?
Talking about it may allow them to start addressing how they are feeling.

How Do I Protect My Daughter?

As parents we want the best for our daughters. Yes, we may be a bit too overprotective, but we want to see them happy and safe. Here are some useful parenting tips that will help you protect your daughter.

football huddle
Monday Night Football isn't just for heterosexuals. Does that surprise you?

An Open Letter To The NFL — From A Gay Football Fan

The Coming Out Coach, Rick Clemons, explains what could happen if the NFL and its fans open their hearts and minds to a whole new vision of family sports and entertainment where sexual orientation has no barriers.

What My Dog Henry Taught Me About Weight Loss
Finding the right weight loss regimen can be difficult and disheartening.

What My Dog Henry Taught Me About Weight Loss

Cookie Rosenblum tells the story about how, five dogs in to finding the right fit for her family, she finally met Henry, and how this quest for a perfect dog connects to a quest for the right diet.

How To Be Happy: Why Adults Need Playtime
Snowball fights, mini golf, poker: the couple that plays together, stays together.

The Benefits Of 'Playtime' For You And Your Partner

When was the last time you played? I mean really played. Outdoors, wind in your hair, laughing and smiling from ear to ear. Were you with a friend or was it with your partner? What were you doing? Did you notice how strong your bond was that day? Couples that play together have a better chance of staying together!

The Simple Thing That Could Save Your Sex Life
If you knew one thing could turn your sex life around, you would want to hear it, right?

The Simple Thing That Could Save Your Sex Life

It's simpler than you may think. If you or your partner really dislike condoms, it's likely that finding the right condom size will dramatically improve your sex life. While the concept of correct condom size is rarely taught in schools, it is the most critical factor to both increasing your safety — and your pleasure with condoms.