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Red Flags:  What to Watch For

Red Flags: What to Watch For

Red Flags For those of you who follow my blog, I talk a lot about Red Flags. Funny, in the moment I don’t usually recognize them – but hindsight is 20/20 right? Well, I figured I should share what I’ve learned through this so-called hindsight so that other daters out there might possibly learn something from my ignorance. Do the Kardashians give off red flags? Red Flags in Him



In today's culture people will over-glorify busy.  They are too busy to meet with their family and/or too busy too meeet with their friends.  The result is children that are raising themselves and parents are not taking the quality time to spend with eachother.  As a therapist, I work with  marital conflict and issues.  Infidelity typically arises from poor communication.  Poor communication can be avoided and resolved with following a few steps: 1. Talk to a trained professional to start healty communication.

LGBT Pride Month: gay pride
It took me 38 years to come out of the closet and stake my claim as a gay man.

My Pride, My Way: A Gay Man's Coming Out Story

Pride is about understanding and accepting yourself, as I learned when I was confronted face-to-face with gay protesters at this year's Long Beach Gay Pride Parade.

From 20 To 40: Do Intimate Relationships Get Deeper With Age?
You may be surprised how much your relationship will transform as you get older.

From 20 To 40: Do Intimate Relationships Get Deeper With Age?

There are different levels of emotional and sexual intimacy, and a host of reasons for why we need both types. Intimacy does not come naturally, which is one of the main reasons why many men and women in their 20s and 30s struggle and fail in their relationships.

relationship advice: alcoholic partner
Avoid confrontation when he's still drunk — he won't remember it anyway.

How To Cope With Your Drunk Partner (& Save The Relationship)

To be fair, who hasn't had one (or three) too many drinks at a birthday party? But for those of us with a problem drinker for a significant other, these social situations can be awkward and life at home can be downright miserable. So what can you do? Our expert and recovering addict offers his best advice.

6 Common Relationship Phases (Part 3 of 3)

6 Common Relationship Phases (Part 3 of 3)

Renewed Intimacy (or The Slow Burn) It’s amazing how quickly we can move from either the Daily Routine or How Did We Grow So Far Apart into Renewed Intimacy, assuming we have that good foundation to build from. (Are you seeing a recurring pattern here?) Given a little time and attention, a relationship built on a solid foundation will often re-blossom quickly. You may never experience the Passion, Love and Lust phase again in your existing relationship, but the Renewed Intimacy phase can be far more satisfying in the end.