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What Driving With Your Cell Phone In The Backseat Can Teach You

What Driving With Your Cell Phone In The Backseat Can Teach You

Recently I made a decision to begin driving to work with my cell the back seat. Here is what I noticed (and in a moment, what it can teach you about your relationship): the middle-aged man walking down Colfax wearing blue suede shoes. Really! a young couple loving gazing at one another while waiting for the light to change. bright pink cherry blossoms covered in a gauzy-film of snow. the ceruleon blue sky so characteristic of Colorado.

Viagra for Women's Brains

Viagra for Women's Brains

Wish there were a drug to increase desire in females, some sort of Viagra for Women?
 This maybe a surprise to some, but a tablet form of Viagra for women does not exist at the moment, the primary female sex organ does not sit between your legs, but rather on top of your shoulders! Of course we are referring to your brain.

couple in love
Remember, your first commitment is always to you!

The 5 Do's And Don'ts Of Commitment

Do you know that you can trigger a man's desire for commitment? Learn how to create that feeling of "you're the only woman I want" with these five relationship guidelines.

How to Gracefully Navigate Easter for Blended Families

How to Gracefully Navigate Easter for Blended Families

Traditionally, Easter has been a Christian celebration.  Many families are honoring the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The world embraces more diversity.  Families no longer mirror the TV families of the 1950's, religion becomes less of a central focus for many families; we are faced with the challenge of figuring out how to celebrate the season.

Sex: Is Your Computer Wrecking Your Love Life?
Are you spending more time online than with your partner?

Is Your Computer The Unwanted Third Wheel In Your Relationship?

Is the time you spend online having an effect on your face to face connections? What happens to relationships when one partner finds themselves flirting with Facebook friends while the other partner would prefer to spend time with them? Veronica Monet answers these questions and more, clarifying the difference between sexual shame and sex addiction.

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See the three factors that really ruin a marriage.

When Does Cheating Lead To Divorce?

Only 10 percent of marriages that have experienced infidelity end in divorce. So, what are the real reasons behind it when it DOES happen? Divorce coach and YourTango expert Laura Moilla explains.

How Often Do You Say 'Yes?'
Saying "No" is the easy way out. It's time to say "Yes!"

How Often Do You Say 'Yes?'

Do you want to reach your next level of success? It's time to thrown your "No's" away and begin saying "Yes!" Relationship Coach Stacey Martino explains why "Yes" is your ticket and why it's okay to seek assistance.