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Calling All Brides
Let your wedding be the start of a great marriage.

Calling All Brides

Getting married? We've got some expert marriage advice to help you keep that love healthy and strong forever with 3 easy steps.

Thanksgiving Ideas For Healthy Relationships
Keep your holiday meals happy!

5 Simple Thanksgiving Ideas For A Calm Holiday

Holidays can be stressful between family, friends, and what seems like a never-ending calendar of events and parties. Kick things off on the right foot with these 5 Thanksgiving ideas for healthy, happy interactions.

Learning to flirt
Feeling shy? Here's some conversation inspiration.

14 Tips To Flirt Your Way Into Conversation With A Man

Let's face it: conversation starters are really just pickup lines in disguise. So why not use ones that make a splash? Dating coach Christine Baumgartner offers 14 tips on how to flirt and start a conversation that will get and keep his attention.

Symptoms of Sex Addiction? No

Symptoms of Sex Addiction? No

You masturbate, watch porn and crave sex every second of the day. Does this mean your a sex addict? Not necessarily. Surprisingly, sex addiction may not even be an accurate diagnosis for any individual.

Dating Coach Advice: Self Love For Real Love
If you don't think you're awesome, how will your partner?

Tap Into Self Love On Your Search For Real Love

Looking for "the one" can be frustrating, but your search for love will be quicker, easier and more fun if you take the time to look inside and love yourself. (PS: you probably won't find your soulmate if you're sleeping with the bartender).

How Important Is Hot Sex In A Relationship?
Passion can do a lot for a relationship, but is it everything?

Sex: How Important Is It?

Do you think your marriage is a failure if you're not having hot sex on the daily? Well, take note: these experts say that getting busy is not the magic ingredient for a successful marriage... but physical touch might be.

The Pros & Cons of Success: Why You Haven't Found The One
You've nailed that job promotion, but missed the mark on finding "the one".

The Pros & Cons of Success: Why You Haven't Found The One

Being successful comes with a slew of traits that get you ahead in most arenas of life, but it can damage your chances at remaining vulnerable enough to find love. This dating coach dishes an eye-opener.