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Divorce Coach: The #1 Tip To Being Prepared For Divorce
Do you have access to your financial paperwork? Make and keep copies — just in case.

Are You Prepared For Divorce?

Going through a divorce will be painful, but having your ducks in a row before making that leap will definitely make things easier This divorce coach shares the #1 tip you should know to make this process easier.

What Women Should Know Before They Date A Younger Man
She's old enough to be his...what?!

What Women Should Know Before They Date A Younger Man

Is it okay for older women to date younger men? Dating coach Ange Fonce says yes! While society as a whole may disagree with the dynamics of a older woman/younger man, Fonce argues that it's okay to date younger long as you're doing it for the right reasons.

Why Relationships Reach A Breaking Point

Why Relationships Reach A Breaking Point

When seeking out a partner we tend to search with our subconscious. We look for our own inner qualities we have yet to come to terms with, in another person. Find out why we search for a mirror image of our subconscious.

Marriage Advice: How To Stop Arguing
You may not win this battle, but together you can win the war.

To Win A Marriage Argument, Be OK With Losing

Lose the stubbornness and win the argument: everyone loves being right, but when it comes to winning an argument with your partner, think before you fight. In marriage, both partners should feel like champions.

Parenting: In Defense Of The Family Meal
Food just tastes better when it's shared.

In Defense Of The Family Meal

Spending time with your children is key to ensuring their lives are filled with support and love — and family meals make sure they get great nutrition, too! Eating together as a family should be an essential practice: this parenting expert explains why.

The One Who Yells Loses In Relationships
We know you're angry, but try to keep it civilized.

The One Who Yells Loses In Relationships

Having a scream fest rather than a productive conversation will not yield anything but hurt feelings. This relationship coach explains why you need to take a moment to breathe.

Relationship Advice For Hookup Buddies
Drunk texting does not a boyfriend make.

5 Undeniable Signs He's Using You

We all need love and attention, but what happens when your guy only provides that behind closed doors? If your man isn't in it to win it, he'll probably display these signs. Listen up to this relationship advice before you get attached.