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Dating Coach: 9 Reasons to Attract a Drama-Free Woman
The only thing that gets her hot and bothered… is you!

9 Reasons To Date A Drama-Free Woman

Are you a single male on the lookout for a new love? If so, dating coach Antoinette Cabral has some advice for you. Read on to learn what she has to say about dating... and why drama-free women make the best girlfriends!

Personal Development Coach: How To Fall In Love With Yourself
You can attract love just by being your fabulous self! Photo: web4camguy, Flickr.

Find Your Inner 'Wow' To Attract Real Love

Want to find love this year? Why not start by loving yourself? Personal development coach Michal Spiegelman offers women a way to find their "Wow" again—so they're open to a loving, amazing relationship.

Online Dating Tips: How To Tell If A Guy Likes You
Yeah… this doesn't look too good.

5 Signs Your Online Date Isn't That Into You

Bringing your online dates into the real world can be oh-so-thrilling. But what if he's less than enthusiastic about your connection? Here are 5 undeniable dating tips that hint he might not be "the one". Have you ever had an online date turn into a bust?

Life Coach: Crying & Healing Grief
You should never feel weak for doing something that takes courage.

The Case For Public Crying

What feels better than a good cry? We know how healing tears can be, and yet, women are often afraid to show weakness or emotion. Life coach Jen Duchene urges us to take back the right for a good cry… who's with her!?