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How to Prevent Your Child From Becoming a Procrastinator

How to Prevent Your Child From Becoming a Procrastinator

Are you a procrastinator? Procrastination is a widespread problem that never seems to go away. No one is born with a procrastination gene. It is an annoying habit that may have its roots in childhood. Although we may look back on childhood as a carefree time, a child’s life is structured around school. Parents and teachers rule, and children must obey.

Relationship Expert: Social Media Rules For Monogamous Couples
Don't you dare upload that photo!

Are You Too Social On Social Media?

Should you post that cute pic of your partner sleeping on Facebook? Probably not. Relationship expert Debra Smouse explains why sharing personal pictures of your partner on social media may be a betrayal — and the questions you should ask yourself before you click "upload now".

Personal Development Coach: Making The Right Decisions
Is this best for me... or for someone else?

The Trick To Making Good Decisions

Decisions big and small can totally wear us out. If you're constantly worrying about making the wrong choice, or dealing with the stress in negative ways, stop and ask yourself where you're going wrong. This personal development coach talks you through it.

Dating Coach: Why Money Matters When You're Dating
He seems perfect! But don't be blinded by your lust.

Why Money Matters, Even When You're Dating

This dating coach dishes about her own personal experience with marriage and money. The lesson she's learned? Pay attention to finances while you're dating... and be realistic about your expectations.

How To Support Gay Kids In A Homophobic World
Let them know they're not the only ones who feel this way.

How To Support Gay Kids In A Homophobic World

Kids these days have it tough, but gay kids may feel like they're fighting an uphill battle. This coming out coach gives you the tools you need to encourage and nurture your LGBT kid or teen in a world that's sometimes still unfriendly toward homosexuality.