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Marriage Educator: How Much Should Your Wedding Cost?
Are we quite sure the doves were necessary?

Will Your Wedding Cost You Your Marriage?

Before you throw a party fit for Jay Gatsby to celebrate your wedding vows, this marriage educator challenges you to be honest with yourself about what you're looking to achieve with your big day.

Infidelity: Tempted To Cheat? Try These Tips Instead
At the edge of an affair? Be honest with yourself: how did you get here?

Tempted To Cheat? Try These Tips To Refocus Your Marriage

While in a marriage or a long-term relationship, you may be tempted by infidelity — but it's important to first consider the consequences. Here, three YourTango Experts discuss safe approaches to temptation, including the steps you can take to prevent yourself from succumbing to it.

Relationship Expert: Romantic Advice From Friendships
You knew your girlfriends were awesome — here's one more reason why.

For Great Relationship Advice, Look At Your Friendships

Best friends are awesome: they make you laugh, provide a shoulder to cry on, and give the best dating advice. But did you know that you can also learn a lot about how to be a good partner by being a good friend? This relationship expert explains.

Divorce Coach: Healing Takes Time
Moving on is a process, so stop racing toward an endpoint.

There's No Finish Line For Divorce Recovery

Getting through your divorce isn't easy, and there's no true guide to lead the way; your personal history will always be there. Let this divorce coach show that you don't need to be haunted by the ghosts of your past.

Dating Coach Advice: Start Looking For Love This Fall
Ready for a relationship? Bring it on!

Fall Back Into Dating & Kick Start Your Search For Love

Cooler temperatures reignite the urge to find someone special to cuddle with. That's why the change of seasons can inspire you to get back in the game — use this dating coach advice to learn how to meet someone who might just be "the one."

How Do You Know If You Are a Real Woman?

How Do You Know If You Are a Real Woman?

Given that thousands of hard-earned dollars are spent on engagement rings bought with the best of intentions, here is the question: Would a real woman give a man back his engagement ring if the relationship broke off after one year? Here are what several people I interviewed, including two professional psychiatrists, had to say. A real woman would give the ring back because of what it symbolizes: the fact you plan to spend the rest of your lives together. So why would you want to keep a symbol of such when you are no longer a couple?

How to Spot a Lie

How to Spot a Lie

Are you truly getting the person you see in the profile picture on that dating website? The truth gets stretched far too often and before you know it, you're victim of a heartbreak.