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Discover Your Own Individual Blueprint Of Your Health

Discover Your Own Individual Blueprint Of Your Health

Your "Health Blueprint" is totally different to anyone else's... And I can help you to understand yours for your optimum health. First make sure - "Are You Serious about Discovering Your Own Individual Blueprint of Your Health?" "So What Is The "Foundation Basic Program" All About?" Let me answer an important question for you... Have you always wanted to know the answer to these questions?

Reclaiming Your Vitality - The Journey

Reclaiming Your Vitality - The Journey

So the day started with some interesting news.  I got back another set of test results.  All normal except Thyroid readings which were low.  Of course they couldn't tell me if that was the cause of any of the other symptoms I have, but they did offer me drugs.  I think that a standard medical practice is to offer drugs to the patient before they ask so you can cut down on the amount of time you actually have to spend with them, especially since you don't actually know what's wrong. 

Top 6 Things to Look For in a Man

Top 6 Things to Look For in a Man

[Contributed by: Most Brave Girl] We all know one of these girls. She’s an absolute sweetheart and she deserves the best but she always gets stuck with the worst guys. Every single member of her parade of boyfriends has disappointed her but she never sees any of the red flags along the way. Don’t be this girl! Know what to look for in a man and save yourself a lot of heartache. Here are the top 6 indicators of a good guy that you can watch for on the first few dates.

infidelity myths debunked
People who cheat are looking for an affair when it happens. Fact or fiction?

10 Common Myths About Infidelity Debunked!

Do people always drift from their partners for someone younger or more attractive? Does infidelity always doom a marriage? Is a cheater always a cheater? Our expert sorts fact from fiction.

Oxytocin: love hormone
Fact: Oxytocin isn't the only hormone that affects monogamy.

The Love Hormone: The Truth About Oxytocin

Oxytocin has previously been touted as the physiological factor in attracting and keeping a partner's interest — but new research suggests that it's more complicated than that. In fact, oxytocin given to men in a committed relationship led to them keeping a distance from an attractive stranger.

love advice for women
If you don't know how to be happy with yourself, you won't be happy in a relationship.

Top 3 Ways Women Sabotage Their Chances At Finding Love

Women who have been in multiple bad relationships tend to think they've had five bad relationships in a row. But in reality, they've been in the same bad relationship over and over again. Our expert's advice? Get out of the pattern and invest in yourself again.