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How To Fix A Relationship

How To Fix A Relationship

A question I get asked frequently is, "How do you know whether to stay and fix a relationship or just let go and move on?" Unfortunately, like in most things relational, the answer is, "It depends." Not much initial help, I know, but there are always clues that can help you answer this question.

Relationship Expert: Physical Attraction & Smiling
It's hard to resist a good grin!

Nothing But A Smile: The Secret To Magnetism

Want to be insta-attractive? Forget your lip gloss, eyeliner and favorite jeans: all it takes is this simple piece of advice. Our relationship expert tells you how to attract everything from a date to a job offer with this one thing.

Love & Dating Conversation Tips
They're definitely NOT talking about what they'd name their first child.

8 First Date Conversation Mistakes That Scare Him Off

If you really like someone you'll want to talk about everything under the sun together. But our dating expert explains what conversation dos and don'ts you should follow for the first few dates. Hint: keep it light!

On Tonight's Naughty To-Do? The Reverse Cowgirl!
Blindfold him to increase his other senses while doing this move!

On Tonight's Naughty To-Do? The Reverse Cowgirl!

Sex educator Pleasure Mechanics offers women a how-to on the Reverse Cowgirl sex position. With tips on how to receive pleasure first, Pleasure Mechanics allows women to feel confident and powerful when in control and on top. Read on to learn why this might be one of the best sex positions ever!

Homosexuality: How To Handle The Holidays After You Come Out
There's no sense in feeling glum during the season of sparkle! Photo: andrewrennie, Flickr

How To (Really) Enjoy Your First Out LGBT Holiday

Coming out and life coach Rick Clemons wants you to relax and enjoy the holiday season. With tips ranging from how to avoid people who don't "get" homosexuality to keeping conversation light and positive, Clemons' seasoned advice will most certainly get you through even the most — ahem — challenging holiday party.

Secrets For Speed Dating Success
Speed dating should be fun!

Secrets For Speed Dating Success

If you're in a dating funk and have the opportunity to go to a local speed dating event, you should go! Go, and take these secrets for success with you!