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The Link Between Focusing on Yourself and Depression

The Link Between Focusing on Yourself and Depression

I remember hearing about some research once that linked self-focus—thinking about yourself a lot and making things that happen out in the world about you in some way—with depression. The more you think about yourself, the more depressed you are. There are obviously a lot of missing variables here. This doesn’t mean that focusing on yourself causes depression or that depression causes self-focus. It just means that they are related in some way.

Tips For A Picture Perfect Wedding Day
One tip: You can schedule a private shoot to get better acquainted.

Hiring A Photographer: Tips For A Picture Perfect Wedding Day

Your wedding is an event of a lifetime — one that must be captured in the moment by an amazing photographer prepared to catch you and your soulmate in those dreamy romantic shots and candid photos. These photos will capture great memories of the day you took your vows to become a married couple.

Wedding advice: flowers, bouquets
For a typical wedding, your flowers will take about 7-8 percent of your wedding budget.

How To Get The Best Flowers For Your Wedding Day

"A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet," Shakespeare said. When you are the bride, whether you are familiar with flowers or not, selecting your bridal bouquet can often be a challenge.