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Are You And Your Spouse Speaking The Same Love Language?
Is your husband showering you with enough attention?

Are You And Your Partner Speaking The Same Love Language?

Do you shower your spouse with affection and they just don't appreciate it? If so, you and your partner may not be speaking the same love language. Read on as relationship expert Gina Senarighi discusses the five love languages, what they mean and how you and your partner can get on the same love page.

How To Move On: Relationship Expert Advice For Downton Abbey
Mrs. Patmore knows what's up. Photo: imdb

On Embracing Change & Refrigerators: Lessons From Downton Abbey

Change is never easy, and for the characters at Downton Abbey, keeping up with the rapidly-evolving modern times is all the more tricky. What can you learn from Lord Grantham? Read on to discover why relationship expert Elisabeth LaMotte suggests her clients tune into the PBS hit.

Relationship Expert: Are You Bullying Your Family?
You've got great intentions, but are you going about it all wrong?

Are You A Bully & Don't Even Know It?

We're constantly telling our kids to defend themselves against bullies. But are we modeling less-than-ideal behavior? Relationship expert Rhona Berens explains why your relationship with your spouse just might make you the biggest bully on the block.