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Privacy Can Help When You're Feeling Emotionally Unavailable
It's OK to take time alone when you're healing.

How Privacy Heals Emotional Trauma

When recovering from trauma or negative emotions, we often seek privacy. This solitude can help us seek creativity, comfort, introspection and hope.

Raising Successful Kids While Embracing My Homosexuality
The real science behind happy kids? Happy parents!

Raising Successful Kids As A Gay Dad

Raising kids these days is hard work. It can be even harder if you're struggling to accept who you really are; trust in yourself to teach your children the importance of self-acceptance and confidence.

Friendship Breakups Can Be As Hard As Romantic Breakups
It's completely normal to outgrow your friends.

Moving On After A Friendship Breakup

Growing out of a friendship with a girlfriend can be painful, but it's sometimes necessary for personal growth. Embrace the change and learn how to attract new people into your life.

Dating 101

Dating 101

Men make the dating scene a lot more complicated than it has to be. Here's some advice on how to treat a woman right.

How To Unpack Baggage For The Emotionally Unavailable
Organize your baggage before it turns into a mess!

Unpacking Your Emotional Baggage

Everyone has baggage that keeps them emotionally unavailable. Learning how to deal with it is the key to successful relationships in life and love.

“7 Things You Can Do To Boost Relationship Passion & Pleasure"

“7 Things You Can Do To Boost Relationship Passion & Pleasure"

According to staggering stats in both USA Today as early as 2002 and a follow-up full cover feature story in TIME in 2007 to make it even more poignant, America’s sex life’s not exactly a day at the beach. Yes, 20% of all marriages in the U.S or 40 million people were living in sexless marriages in 2002 and those numbers have grown. Sexless means having penis-in-vagina (PIV) sex no more than SIX to TEN times yearly. My clinical practice is filled with sexless couples seeking help to get back their lost libidos.