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Personal Development Coach: How To Become More Accountable
Make sure you stick to your training schedule no matter what the obstacle.

Art Of Accountability: Why You Should Stop Standing Yourself Up

Personal development coach Kanya Daley encourages men and women alike to be more accountable. Not only to others but to themselves as well. Keep reading to learn just how you can keep your promises and achieve your goals more easily.

Is The "Bad Mom" Gremlin Running Your Life?
Why can't I get I just get my life together better?

Is The "Bad Mom" Gremlin Running Your Life?

Are you questioning your life as a mom or an employee? Do you feel that you aren't doing a good job at one or the other? Life coach Karen Steel gives us three tips to getting our life back together and reasons why we feel like we struggling in these aspects of our life.

Naked Pics: How A Sexy Boudoir Shoot Can Boost Your Confidence
Think you're not sexy enough for a sultry photo shoot? Think again!

Why You Absolutely Must Take Naked Photos

Dating and lifestyle guru Laurel House took the ultimate leap of faith in body confidence: She hired a professional photographer to take sexy boudoir photos … and thinks you should do the same! The catch behind these (almost!) naked pics? They're really for YOU. No guys allowed!

Marriage Educator: Spice Up Your Marriage Like Beyonce & Jay-Z
Beyonce and Jay Z are drunk in love … and you should be too!

4 Tips To Spice Up Your Marriage The Beyonce & Jay-Z Way

How hot were Beyonce and Jay Z at the Grammy's? Super hot! Marriage educator Keith Dent offers couples a look into what made their performance so provocative ... and what you can do to achieve the same level of sexy in your relationship.