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Men and Sex – The Real Truth

Men and Sex – The Real Truth

Men – all they want is sex.  Right?  Really?  No, not really!  Not all men want sex all the time.  A stereotype that plagues the male species.  Men often get a bum rap, depicted as constantly sexually motivated, as if they live in a mental squirrel cage with a constant agenda to get into their spouse’s panties, nighties or “whatever-ies” she’s wearing.

2 Tips For Healthy Relationships
When was the last time you really connected with your sweetie?

Lessons In Healthy Relationships From A Solo Vacation

Vacation can be a time for reflection. One expert used her time away from her husband to consider behaviors and choices that make for healthy relationships. Read on to discover how you can improve your own marriage... with or without a vacation!

Relationship Advice For Women: Friendship Breakups
Your breakup should honor your past connection.

How To Have An Easy Breakup... With Your Best Friend

The best relationship advice for women addresses our friendships as well as our romantic partnerships. And sometimes, friendships run their course. What do you do when a friendship is no longer healthy or nurturing? Our expert shares her personal story and offers tips for a peaceful friendship breakup.