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Sex: How To Make Your Wife In The Mood For Sex
Find the perfect pace for you and your partner.

Are You The Tortoise Or The Hare In The Bedroom?

Men and women are different, especially when it comes to sex. While men are ready to go quickly, women need to get warmed up. YourTango expert Todd Reed offers men and women a few tips on how to slow down the Hare and speed up the Tortoise in the bedroom.

coming out
"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!"

Coming Out In A Marriage: 6 Unrealistic Expectations

When a spouse comes out, a lot of stuff hits the fan. Yet, does that give the jilted spouse a license to be unrealistic? Coming Out Coach Rick Clemons explains where it gets messy and where the two journeys out of the closet collide.

Dear Dr. Romance: What Should A Twentysomething Grad Student Do?
Do you want love, or are you running away from it?

Dear Dr. Romance: What Should A Twentysomething Grad Student Do?

Dear Dr. Romance: We are co-workers and I've know him for about two years. He's very nice, funny and in very good shape. We've built a pretty solid friendship. We hang out a couple times a month (when I'm home from school). But, lately he's been pushing for a relationship.... What's a girl to do?

Do You Have A Grand Canyon Gap In Your Life?
Taking a leap of faith across obstacles and onto your dreams is the best feeling!

Do You Have A Grand Canyon Gap In Your Life?

You have where you want to be in mind, so now all you've got to do is feel, which is believing. Once you believe wholeheartedly that getting there is possible, all you've got to do is walk! See it, believe, and get there! Self improvement starts with faith in self!

Relationships: How To Stop Bad Habits In Your Marriage
Learn to compromise and understand one another...without the help of in-laws.

Dr. Romance On The 9 Worst Marital Habits To Avoid

Relationships are hard work and sometimes couples get into a rut. Dr. Tina Tessina offers a list of 9 things you do that are not helpful to your marriage. Read on to see if you're guilty and how to make small, but positive changes.

Do more rich people engage in sex outside the confines of their marriage?

Cheating Behavior: Does Where You Live Matter?

New research indicates that one of the richest towns in Britain has the highest number of people engaging in extramarital affairs. Is there a correlation between cheating, where you live and money?