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Habits of Loneliness
Are you lonely wen when you're with people?

Habits of Loneliness

If you're feeling lonely, there might be more than what you think behind it, and the solution for it might be as easy as self love.

Are You Dreading the Holidays This Year?

Are You Dreading the Holidays This Year?

Does the mere thought of the holiday season exhaust you and make you want to cry?  The fake smiles you’ll have to plaster on… the shopping you have zero desire to do… the family togetherness you’d give anything to avoid?  Seeing everyone so impossibly happy and full of cheer?

Love: The Benefits Of Platonic Unconditional Love
You can love your BFF just as much as you love your boyfriend.

The Benefits Of Platonic Unconditional Love

Life coach Margaret Garvin offers unconditional love advice for those who seek to love their platonic friends unconditionally. Read on to learn why you should do it & how it can help ALL areas of your life.

Homosexuality: Your Coming Out Journey
How will your spouse react when you tell them you're gay?

Homosexuality: Your Coming Out Journey

Your coming out journey will affect more than just you. Acceptance of homosexuality can be hard for a spouse to react to, and this life coach knows first-hand. Here are 10 surprising reactions to a spouse's coming out.

Love: How To Have Hot Sex In Your Marriage
Do you know what words are the biggest turn-on for most women?

What's Really Sexy? To Care & Repair!

Just not in the mood lately? If your sex drive feels like it's stuck in first gear, it might be because you don't feel properly cared for and cherished. Learn how to get things cooking again with a simple healing exercise called "Care to Repair." Sparks will be flying again in no time.

Affection & Intimacy In Dating & In Relationships
Could the love you received in your childhood shape the type of love you give now?

Can You Place Conditions On Love?

Should you be practical when it comes to affection and romance, or dive in with wild abandon? Is there a "happy medium"?

Matchmaker & Love: Decoding His Christmas Gifts
Don't forget to say 'thank you'!

What His Holiday Gift To You Means

Matchmaker Susan Trombetti reviews the many gifts a boyfriend might give his lady love... and what it means about his evaluation of the relationship. Read on to see what a "practical" gift really means — and why a holiday engagement ring may not always be the best gift.