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Home Alone on A Friday Night?  5 Reasons Not To Whine

Home Alone on A Friday Night? 5 Reasons Not To Whine

I am glad I am not with someone right now.  You read right.  I am content to be single right now. I have a lot of sorting out to do and I am in no position to support a relationship emotionally.  After 15 months of being single I am doing ok. No relationship does not mean no sex.  I am probably having the best sex of my life and that is helping me heal.  

Are You Being Angry Or In A Rage?

Are You Being Angry Or In A Rage?

Chuck Lorre produced a TV show called Dharma and Greg. I video taped (remember VCR’s?) the first episode. At the end of the show, I saw a blip on the screen and wondered what kind of subliminal message was just zapped into my brain. Freeze framing the blip, I saw Chuck’s first “Vanity Card.” The opening line hooked me forever: “Thank you for videotaping “Dharma & Greg” and freeze-framing on my vanity card.” You can read all his cards at Here is one of those cards.

3 Ways To Know If He's The One

3 Ways To Know If He's The One

If you're wondering if the man you're with is serious, he's probably not. Men who want to commit with you are easy to spot. They are straight forward and they know what they want. If you're still wondering or getting mixed signals here are 3 things to look for. 1. He keeps his agreements. He calls when he says he going to call. He takes you out when he says he going to take you out. Real men keep their agreements. Passive aggressive non-committal men make agreements, they just don't keep them.

Marriage: Questions To Ask If You Think You Married Wrong Person
Nothing is what you thought it would be. Can it be your fault?

4 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Think You Married Miss. Wrong

Marriage is hard and it takes work but what happens when you think you married the wrong person? Relationship expert Jenny Glick suggests 4 questions you should ask yourself if you find yourself wondering if you made the wrong decision.

How To Be Happy: Is Your Mind is Stressing You Out?
Learning to be happy means learning to control your thoughts.

Your Mind Is Not Your Enemy: 5 Tools To Help Yourself Relax

The mind can be used as a terrible weapon against ourselves, or find in it a loyal ally. Because we do not control the mind, most of us allow it to control us with it tending to swing back and forth, if not exactly heaven or hell, a lot of time is spent in purgatory. If you're tired of feeling this way, expert Laura B Young discusses how to be happy when your mind can't rest.