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5 Signs Your Marriage is At Risk
We've turned into some couple. Less talking, kissing, hugging...wait. What happened?

5 Signs Your Marriage is At Risk

It's tough for any relationship when the fire between lovers grow dim, but it's even harder for a marriage. When do you know that it's just...over? Are you longing for closure on whether your relationship is "okay"? Find a supportive marriage therapist, but read the article now!

Do You Know How to be Happy?

Do You Know How to be Happy?

When we're growing up our parents try to teach us how to be happy. "Get good grades so you can get a good job...be pleasant and friendly....make a lot of money....be beautiful so you can attract a great spouse or partner...be great at sports" are the types of messages we get.  As we mature we get other messages from advertising and society on how to be happy, "be sexy...don't argue....look out for number one...get high....buy the right (car, house, handbag, watch, whatever).  No wonder we aren't sure.

What Is Depression: How To Deal With Depression In Your Family
Staying in bed all day, everyday, is a sign you might be depressed.

What Is Depression And How Can You Deal With It?

Licensed Professional Counselor Deborah Chelette-Wilson shares the story of a patient who grew up with a depressed mother. If you've ever wondered "what is depression?", this article will help you understand all of the pain and nuances surrounding this illness and the many people it affects.

Marry Yourself First

Marry Yourself First

My solo trip to Guatemala was my first solo trip. I had left my corporate job and was working on my own. I decided to take almost four weeks and journey to Guatemala to find myself after the end of a relationship.  Solo travel after the end of a relationship turned out to be a pattern: I would go and find myself after a relationship ended.  A perfect way to move on and enjoy life fully again!

Life Coach: How To Get Out Of Your Dating Comfort Zone
You may actually find the one person you were looking for.

In A Dating Rut? Try The Scavenger Hunt Of Awesomeness!

Life coach Kira Sabin introduces her Scavenger Hunt of Awesomeness and why singles everywhere should participate. It will help you get offline, out of your comfort zone and into the arms of someone new!