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hiding her face
hiding her face from the lies

The #1 Reason Why Dishonesty Ruins Your Relationship

In relationships, one of the most important things is being honest with your partner. Expert Randi Gunther explains the disadvantages of hiding the truth from the one you love. When you are dishonest, your partner does not get to know the real you. It's time to stop lying and start being authentic.

clear your mind
de-stress and clear your mind

Life Stressing You Out? 3 Easy Ways To Clear Your Mind In Minutes

When the stress of every day life starts to get to us, we forget how important happiness is. How do we stay happy when the world around us is depressing and stressful? Tapping your pressure points and moving away from life's negativity will clear your mind in a matter of minutes. It's that simple.

Why Your Happiness Has NOTHING To Do With Positive Thinking
Positive thoughts are great, but let's not give them too much credit.

Why Your Happiness Has NOTHING To Do With Positive Thinking

We're constantly hearing about the power of positive thinking and how it can change our lives, but is it really that simple? YourTango Expert Natasha Che says no way. Find out the REAL secret to living a happier and more fulfilling life.