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holding hands
The dance with desire comes down to your heart.

The Art Of The Heart-On

Want to know how to be happy? Listen to Carl Frankel and his thoughts on desire. Learn about why your desire to connect will keep a smile on your face!

Are We Becoming A Nation Of Verbal Abusers?
Yelling is hurtful.

Are We Becoming A Nation Of Verbal Abusers?

These kids are bad. How exactly do you discipline them when the talk back and refuse to cooperate? Parenting is tough especially when you are trying to regain control, but you may want to lower your voice a little.

couple ignoring each other
Couple not talking on a date

Want To Connect? Do The Opposite Of What These Couples Are Doing

First dates can be tricky (so can second dates, and third dates) Dating Coach Christine Baumgartner talked to both sides (the women and the men) and discovered that what is often perceived as incompatibility was actually just an unfortunate case of miscommunication. Are you committing these dating blunders?

Your Good Health: Use It or Lose It!
It's time to get in shape.

Your Good Health: Use It or Lose It!

Studies show that the majority of Americans are getting a dangerously low amount of physical exercise. Could you be putting yourself at risk for illness? Find out what you can do to learn how to be happy and improve your health.