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Signs Your Man is Mooching Off of You

Does your man only show up at meal time, often forget his wallet, or ask you to run his errands for him? Chances are, you’ve got a money sucking moocher who is not only wasting your cash but your time and your good lovin’ too. See my list of criteria to determine if your man is into you or what you have – making him a mooch – if he qualifies as such a parasite, save your sanity and your bank account and give this guy the boot!   1.     He’s designed a date payment rotation plan. And on his cycle, surprise surprise, his dates are always remarkably low to no cost – things such as picnics, a walk on the beach or he just so happens to be in the mood for a cuddly DVR night in. However, on your nights to put up, he suggests the latest and greatest restaurant, bar or club in town, or “Hey, how about we catch the Laker game tonight?”