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What Does A Relationship Expert And Matchmaker Do Everyday?
Considering a career switch? Find out if being a matchmaker is the job for you!

What Does A Matchmaker Do All Day?

Considering a career switch? Expert Julie Ferman shares a sample day in the life of a matchmaker and relationship expert.

How’s Your Dating Bullsh*t Detector?
A faulty one may be the reason you're still single.

How’s Your Dating Bullsh*t Detector?

Many people pride themselves on the ability to tell when someone is lying to them. But that little talent may actually be bringing you down. Dave Elliott explains what can happen when you obsess over the truth.

Be Sexy And Attractive Without Having Sex
Show off your legs — but keep them closed.

How To Be Sexy Without Having Sex

Don't want to sleep with a guy you are only just starting to date? That's doesn't mean you can't be sexy! Expert Lisa Shield explains how to flirt and engage in sexual banter without having sex.

The Deadly Dangers Of Infatuation
Make sure his actions match your feelings.

The Deadly Dangers Of Infatuation

We all know the infatuation stage: the butterflies, the heart pounding, the Hallelujah chorus. Love is a drug in which you can be addicted just make sure it's real when the high wears off.