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What people do not see and may not understand is that the homecoming of a veteran is both a treasured event and a complex process. For a couple, in addition to all that it demands in terms of the reality of time, space, roles, money, kids and deployment cycles, homecoming means finding a way to integrate all that has happened to each partner into the relationship they share.cupcakes It doesn’t matter which partner actually arrives home. On many levels both have to “come home” together.

kids of divorce
Kid of divorce relaxing over the holidays

4 Ways To Give Kids Of Divorce The Gift Of A Guilt-Free Holiday

When the holidays come around for the children of divorce, stress and guilt can ruin much of the joy and happiness of this special family time. Adjust to divorced parenthood and make sure your kids' holidays are full of love with these parenting tips for single parents or blended families!

gay boys in love
Young gay men in love

10 Things I Want My Younger, Gay Self To Know

As a young, gay man, it can be difficult to figure out how to be happy with your own sexuality. YourTango expert, Rick Clemons (The Coming Out Coach) reflects back on his own journey to self-acceptance in this letter to his younger gay self.

YOU are the Julie McCoy of your relationship!

YOU are the Julie McCoy of your relationship!

If you are quite younger than me, you probably have NO IDEA who the hell Julie McCoy is...but if you are around my age, you know exactly who she is! Julie McCoy, the ever-bubbly, quite resourceful Cruise Director of the Love Boat! So what does Julie McCoy have to do with your relationship?! Oh much! Every single week at least one of our clients shares their frustration and asks for my help with dating their partner. Maybe you can relate to some of this frustration?

Dr. Romance on Friends With Benefits

Dr. Romance on Friends With Benefits

Dr. Romance writes: If you’re thinking about having sex with a friend, be very careful, because it is not easy to preserve a friendship once you have sex. We think we can control our feelings, but it's not so simple. *If one of you becomes romantically attached as a result of the sex, the friendship will probably not survive.

frustrated dating coach
Frustrated dating coach

5 Dating Tips Experts Are Tired Of Giving You Over And Over Again

Dating coaches make their living providing great dating advice for women and men ... but even these relationship savvy experts get tired of sharing the same tips over and over (and over). What's the problem? Love-seeking singles who like to read about and talk about relationships without actually taking any risks by taking action on the great advice they find. Is that you? If so, YourTango expert Ronnie Ann Ryan is calling you out and telling you it's time to put yourself out there and actually TRY the advice dating coach experts are giving you.

acting like a jerk
Divorce triggers tough emotions

4 Reasons Divorce Makes Good People Act Like Total Jerks

Why does divorce seem to turn otherwise rational people into complete hyper-sensitive, paranoid lunatics? It turns out, some of that crazy behavior is fairly normal and to be expected (although not excused). YourTango expert Pegotty Cooper explains the four reasons divorce makes people act like jerks and how to diffuse that bad behavior in order to make better, healthier decisions. can turn some people into lunatics, but these tips can teach you how to move on from the past and make smart decisions.

Holiday Budget Bringing You Down? Try These Thrifty Ideas for Fun

Holiday Budget Bringing You Down? Try These Thrifty Ideas for Fun

I guess the gift of growing up poor is the development of resourcefulness.  As kids we could not count on Santa providing what was on our wish list.  In fact those of us that are product of working class America, or elsewhere, know that many times we wouldn't even tell our parents what we really wanted so they wouldn't feel sad about not being able to provide it.... aaahhh those were the days.