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3 Phrases That Make Men More Attentive

Every so often, when I write articles or posts about pleasing a man, I get lots of flak, but there is a huge difference between building up the person you love and being a doormat. Women who refuse to use the simple phrases I'm about to share with you for fear of being subservient to their man will either end up alone (because the man left or never even committed in the first place) or miserable (because if he does stay, he's a spineless pushover in need of a mega injection of self-esteem) or he'll ignore them.

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5 Signs He's Not Over His Ex

Nothing is worse than meeting a cool new guy, but getting the sinking feeling that he might not be over his ex. And sadly, your gut instinct might be correct because lots of newly single people jump back into the dating scene before they are really ready, trying to fill a gaping hole in the heart. If you want to be more than his rebound girl, it pays to notice if he's really ready for another chance at love. The number one factor that produces readiness? Emotional availability. His heart, mind, and body need to be free to be given to you, which means he's no longer offering those parts of himself to her.

What We Can All Learn from Bethenny Frankel

What We Can All Learn from Bethenny Frankel

I admit, I’m not really into watching reality TV like The Bachelor or Survivor but when it comes to Bethenny Ever After, the show on Bravo about the American dream, um, I mean self-made millionaire Bethenny Frankel, I started to take notice. Week by week on Monday nights I became glued to the TV at 10 p.m. ET for a dose of escape television with a message.

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Are Guys in their Twenties the New Designer Drug?

Is dating a younger man right for you? For the most part, age is just a number. What matters much more is a compatible level of psychological maturity. By psychological maturity, I am referring to the emotional age rather than the biological one. More and more women are getting graduate degrees, building successful careers, and marrying later, or not at all. Also, single motherhood and sperm donors are becoming increasingly frequent. In other words, women are less likely to need a man to take care of them, and the rules of age-appropriate dating have probably changed forever.

Diffusing Anger or Feeding the Flames

Diffusing Anger or Feeding the Flames

Have you ever had an argument with someone - a partner, spouse, close friend, child, parent or other relative, or a business associate - that started small and spiraled into an intense conflict? Have you ever scratched your head, wondering how it got so out of control? Let's take a look at what feeds the flames of anger and what diffuses it. Feeding the Flames of Anger

How To Help Your Partner Cope With PTSD

How To Help Your Partner Cope With PTSD

Without a doubt, any relationship has its’ ups and downs. Couples who are in it for the long-term are committed to sticking things out through thick and thin. They come up with new ways to get through challenges together, but overcoming difficulties becomes increasingly difficult when one partner feels alone in the relationship.

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Where Is The Love? A Look Back At What Was Lost On 9/11

"People killin', people dyin' Children hurt and you hear them cryin' Can you practice what you preach And would you turn the other cheek…" -Black Eyed Peas "Where is the Love?" (2003) My most vivid memories of 9/11 were of the phone calls I heard on the news made during the tragic last moments of people's lives. Their final acts were desperate attempts to communicate the love they felt for their partners, their children and their families. The love they felt was all they had to say.

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The Disney Myth: Why So Many Women Are Misled About True Love

There are over 100 million single adults over the age of 25 in our country, and for most of them, the thought of being single and dating is analogous to having a red hot poker jammed into their eye. Based on my research, most single women dislike dating and being single. When it comes to finding that special guy to share their life with, many of these women say that there is hope in their heart, but they honestly admit that they are not too optimistic that true love is in their future.


3 Reasons Why He Won't Commit

Are you in a serious, monogamous relationship with a man and longing to get him to commit to you? Do feel ready to get engaged or married and yet you're still waiting for him to make a move to commit to your future together? If you've been with a man you love in an exclusive relationship for over a year, you're in the perfect position to help him make decision to commit to you. However, many men have conscious and subconscious fears that make them feel ambivalent about committing to any woman.