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Guy Always Working

  Why is it you always seem to want what you can’t have? Why do you try to come between your lover and his work when you know you can't win?   I'm out walking my dog. He’s doing his sniffing thing, which seems much more important to him than the peeing thing – and there’s a couple arguing. The guy is trying to get into his car. He’s telling the woman he has to go, he has an appointment, and she’s frustrated. She's saying "You always have an appointment," and he’s saying “Look I can’t run a business and hold your hand at the same time.” She retorts with: “You never have time for me, you’re always working.” He’s trying to make nice with her, saying “We’ll take a vacation when I close this deal” and you know that's never gonna happen.   

12 Tips to Great Sex

Now you can tell your lover, spouse, significant other, or even yourself what you've hoped to hear for years! Not only is sex fun and exciting - it's healthy.

Authentic Arguments

Last week I wrote about speaking authentically. How on earth is a person supposed to remember to speak authentically when they’re in the middle of an argument? Well, that’s the time it’s the most important, so the more you practice when you’re not arguing, the better you’ll be.

Authentic Communication

Communication is critical to growing and nurturing relationships of all kinds. When we communicate about our feelings, we come from either love or fear. In other words, we communicate either authentically or from a place of vulnerability. Communicating authentically will always improve a relationship, even when what we communicate is not something the other wants to hear.

The Answer is LOVE

All of the problems in everyone's lives have been due to the person feeling unloved or unlovable in some way. I know it's a bold statement, but hear me out on this.