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Mistress Maven Part 1: Misconceptions of Life

Mistress Maven Part 1: Misconceptions of Life

Relationships are based on three; it’s what the mistress role is about. I set out to make the best of it myself due to the circumstances of my marriage and the state my life was in at the time. I’ll say it’s no joke to unravel life’s doings, which left me with the question “did I choose my life or did my life choose me?”

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Are Core Beliefs Limiting Your Chances For Love?

Do you ever feel you aren't good enough or deserving of love? Do you think all the good ones are taken so you should lower your expectations and settle for less? Do you think you will be abandoned or hurt if you love too much?

Why Do I Always Attract Crazy Men?

Why Do I Always Attract Crazy Men?

Every woman is working with the same pool of men. Say there are four billion men on Planet Earth. This is the pool of men that you have to work with. In this pool, there are going to be gentlemen, pimps, players, hustlers, and psychos. But, it’s the same pool of men. It’s not like the crazy men are coming from outside this pool. The question is, why do some women always attract the crazy men? The answer is you. You can either repel or invite these men into your life. The only reason you attract crazy men is because you talk to them.

Welcome Change to Attract a Perfect Relationship

Welcome Change to Attract a Perfect Relationship

Holidays are the time when we feel the need to share ourselves with a loved one. It’s the time for connecting with our family, remembering our roots. It is also the time for reflection: Another year has gone by… What were my hopes for this year? Have I progressed in the direction I wanted to? For single people who are hoping to find a life partner this may be a bitter realization: Another year has gone by; I am still single. It hasn’t happened…

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How To Use Resilience To Face Challenges

When challenges and obstacles occur, we often admire people who seem to act with ease and do or say the right things. Although we all experience trying and difficult times throughout life, what sets some people apart is not only the hardship they've endured, but the responsible way they chose to manage their feelings and emotions about it.

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Fall In Love With Your Soulmate All Over Again

Remember the early days of your relationship when your partner could do no wrong and every unusual habit or quirk was fascinating or adorable? If you are ready for more love, fun, harmony and passion in your relationship again, check out Wabi Sabi Love!

Help!  My Spouse Cheated!

Help! My Spouse Cheated!

The discovery of infidelity leads many couples to seek therapy, as they typically struggle with a range devastating emotions. Shock, disbelief, confusion, fear and outrage are all common; so are doubts about the future of the marriage.

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Rebuilding Trust After They Cheat

Trusting someone isn't easy after they've betrayed you. You want to believe what they say, but how can you really ever know if they are telling the truth, once they have lied to you?