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What Daughters-In-Law REALLY Think

What Daughters-In-Law REALLY Think

By Marianne Beach,  The results of our exclusive poll... Is she a mother-in-law--or monster-in-law? A friend, frenemy...or outright enemy? Maybe she really is family, like a second mom? Mothers-in-law have always been the brunt of many a joke, but what do you really think about that other woman in your husband's life? We at surveyed more than two thousand daughters-in-law and asked them the tough questions.

woman by tree
Simply sit outside and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature!

What Is Earth Magic?

It’s so easy to take for granted the miracles inherent in living on this beautiful and tempestuous planet and to remain largely unaware of how, in spite of our modern conveniences, we remain intertwined in the web of life. By opening your eyes, hearts, and minds to the awareness of how the physical world is animated by a force called Spirit and that you are also Spirit in expression, you can fully recognize the fundamental connection you have with all of Life.

Is Marriage Obsolete?

Is Marriage Obsolete?

By Tammy Nelson, PhD Less people are getting married. In fact, research shows that less than half of Americans believe in it anymore. Pew Social Trends found that four out of ten Americans say marriage is becoming “obsolete.” Marriage is on the decline. And yet many of us still want to do it. Almost half of those that said that marriage was obsolete also said that they would still get married.

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Control yourself during the holidays so that you don't end up stressed when they're over!

3 Tips To Avoid Overindulging Over The Holidays

Overeating, overspending and just plain overdoing it are three of our main indulgences, especially during the holidays. There are a few simple ground rules that when applied, can make the difference between feeling happy or funky come January.

6 tips to help if you are dumped during the Holidays

6 tips to help if you are dumped during the Holidays

Getting “let go of,” separated or “dumped” is one of the most humiliating, depressing, and emotionally difficult experiences most of us will ever go through. For many couples, feeling more distance and tension are preludes that their partner isn’t happy and wants out of the relationship.

They're turning to someone else in search of appreciation.

The #1 Reason Men Cheat

We all know that men (and likely women for that matter) cheat because the sex isn't that good anymore or they've found something better elsewhere, right?

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Where do you fit in terms of personality?

Which Personality Type Are You?

Whether you are looking to improve a good relationship, find your soul mate, or understand a difficult partner, by gaining an understanding of the nine universal personality types you will be more aware of your own traits, appreciate your partner more, judge less, align a potential match, and possibly welcome your personality differences.

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Simply taking a walk can instantly add fun and laughter to your life!

Fun Is The Best Medicine For Happiness

Do you have fun every day? The kind of fun that Cyndi Lauper knew that girls wanted to have, although she chose to ignore the poor guys! The fun that makes you run out on a sunny day and play in the park with or without children? The type of fun that makes you crank up the stereo and go dancing through the house bellowing at the top of your lungs, despite the fact that dogs are howling outside? If you don't do this on occasion, you're really missing out! In fact, you could be self-sabotaging your everyday goals by not incorporating fun into your daily existence.

Healing The Fear Of Intimacy

Healing The Fear Of Intimacy

Why would someone be afraid of intimacy? Don't we all want to feel close and connected with someone? Yes, of course we want that, but there are very real fears that keep us from opening to emotional intimacy in a primary relationship. The Fears What is the first fearful thought you think when you think of feeling close to someone?

Three's a Crowd!

Three's a Crowd!

Welcome back to Sex and the Psychological City! If you have read my earlier posts, you are familiar with my confession that I was a hipper psychotherapist when my go-to girlfriends -- Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte -- were on the air, with fresh new material on everything from masturbation to marriage.