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walking away
time to send him packing

Feel Stuck In Your Relationship? 8 Signs It's Time To Dump Him

A breakup is difficult to do, but when you start feeling different around your boyfriend, this is how to know when it's time to let go. YourTango expert Laurel House shares her dating and relationship advice. Because if you never end it, how will you ever learn how to move on?

sad boy
sad man afraid to speak up

To Gay Men Suffering Abuse: 5 Reasons It's NEVER Your Fault

Domestic violence can happen to anyone: gay and straight, men and women. YourTango expert, Rick Clemons, The Coming Out Coach, explores the rarely talked about issue of domestic violence in gay relationships, and 5 reasons why it is never ever the victim's fault.

hide from it
Divorce won't help you hide from yourself

5 Things Divorce Will Never Save You From

Does leaving your marriage seem like the answer to all of your problems and unhappiness? Not so fast! Before you abandon ship, YourTango expert Pegotty Cooper wants to make sure you know the 5 things divorce will never save you from. Effective communication skills will be needed whether you stay or go. Find out what else you'll need to face BEFORE you make a decision you can't undo.