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Hot or Not?  Physical Attractiveness and Dating Choices

Hot or Not? Physical Attractiveness and Dating Choices

Do less attractive people think the people they date (who also tend to be less attractive) delude themselves into thinking their dates are more physically attractive? According to new research, the answer is “no.” You remember that website that used to be popular,, which allows visitors to rate the attractiveness of random, anonymous photographs, right? Well, researchers are using the site to conduct research into people’s attractiveness and perceptions of attractiveness, because now it includes a dating component too.

Is It Possible To Overcome Betrayal?
What's the best way to put your heart back together?

Is It Possible To Overcome Betrayal?

We believe it's possible to come out of the other side better and stronger as a couple, however, dramatic changes need to happen in order for the relationship to survive. This is not something that can change quickly or without effort. There’s a shift that must take place for both parties to rectify and move on — together.

There's really no need for slobber ...

The #1 Kissing Skill For Men To Master

I was told to write on this title by my beloved partner and her friends because it's much needed info to get out there for men and for women. It's on one of the most important mindful-based skills in good kissing: not letting your saliva overwhelm your partner. This is particularly common in men because often with visual sexual attraction and turn on to a hot female body or face — he starts salivating. There are moments when this is okay, but it can usually be a big turn off for women.

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Keep a close watch when looking out for love!

How To Meet Mr. Right

Finding the perfect man for you can be arduous and sometimes can make you feel like your emotions are on a roller coaster ride — especially if you are not sure what you want the perfect man to be like. Many women do not bother to find their perfect man and get into any random relationship only to face regrets later. Therefore, you must not say yes to the first man who shows an interest in you, but rather, you should wait for a realistic love interest to step in your life.

It's okay to start talking marriage!

Are You Afraid To Ask For The Ring?

Are you, like Beyonce, looking for a man to, "Put a ring on it?" You're certainly not alone, and maybe like many other women, you're ashamed to admit it. You can want to get married, but not want to do what is needed to make it happen.

Are you afraid of screwing up in dating?

Are you afraid of screwing up in dating?

Women love to talk about relationships. They get together with fancy cocktails and dish on dating. They are always trying to understand men and solve that age-old question, “what should I do so I don’t scare him away?” If your friends didn’t have the answers, you may have buried yourself in the relationship section of the bookstore to get clarity or just did a Google search to find the solution from a plethora of dating experts at your fingertips. Uncertain of how to navigate a new relationship, you do all you can to avoid making a big mistake.

Keep the Money Peace

Keep the Money Peace

Keep the Money Peace How to create peace out of potentially difficult money situations this holiday season By Christine Arylo When you get down to what separates great, long-lasting partnerships from ones that start with the best intentions but fizzle out over time, there are a few very basic rules and behaviors that while seemingly common sense, most people don’t have a clue how to go about.

 Playing It Cool Could Spell Disaster for Your New Relationship

Playing It Cool Could Spell Disaster for Your New Relationship

“I'm so into him!” Jessica tells her best friend. She's talking about the wonderful guy she started dating a few weeks ago. Jessica wants to do this relationship the right way-- unlike the miserable dating experiences she's had in the past. She lists off all of her plans for making sure her new guy knows just how special he is to her like sending him flirty texts, cooking him dinner and finding a way to get into his apartment to give him an intimate surprise. Jessica's friend stops her mid-sentence.