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Can't Let Go? 3 Steps to Bury the Past and Move On to Better

Can't Let Go? 3 Steps to Bury the Past and Move On to Better

Mothers want to see their children succeed. Newlyweds believe their love is special and will last throughout eternity. Best friends make declarations that they can weather life’s storms together , forever, come rain, sleet, hail, marriage, children, and cross continental relocations.   We’ve all felt the kind of certainty about our relationships that leaves no room for doubt, but sometimes the best laid plans, wrapped in the noblest of intentions , simply don’t work out and the only move we can make… is to move on.  

How To Attract Men and Be A Man Magnet

How To Attract Men and Be A Man Magnet

Looking great isn't all that's involved in attracting Mr. Delish when you are out on the town.  Approachability is just as, if not more important than anything else.  Use these moves and  he'll be walking your way.  Get ready! 1. Go out with 1-3 girls maximum at a time.  Any more friends in the group than that, and you are definitely going to make it hard for any man to say, "Hello" to you.

Are You Ready To Stop The Insanity?

Are You Ready To Stop The Insanity?

If you were alive in the 80’s and you were out of diapers you probably remember an infomercial with Susan Powter. Back then Susan was the queen of the infomercial. There wouldn’t be a day that went by where you wouldn’t see her face screaming back at you while yelling “Stop the Insanity”. Susan was all over the TV hawking her weight loss and fitness products.

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Stop Sabotaging Your Love Life!

"You don't deserve to be loved." / "If this doesn't work out, you'll be alone forever!" / "You're never going to find the one, so you better just settle for him." Do you recognize that voice? It's the voice of your inner mean girl. She's negative; she's catty; she's judgmental. She compares your worst to everyone else's best. In her eyes, you lose every time. Your inner mean girl's favorite thing to do is to make you feel small, inadequate, and unworthy. While transforming your inner mean girl takes time and skill, there are a few steps you can take right away to take the power back from her self-sabotaging clutches!

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5 Ways To Move Beyond An Affair

Dealing with betrayal in your marriage is not easy but it is definitely possible. Keep in mind that divorce is not always the solution to the problem. You need to find out what has led to the infidelity in your marriage and get the help needed to recover from the trauma. Let's look at some of the steps you can take to move beyond the affair and get your marriage back on track!


Would You Date Yourself?

I like enjoy my vodka responsibly. Namely, Chopin and Ciroc. But it's the new Stoli vodka Would You Have a Drink With You? advertising campaign that has me thinking about this question: Would you go on a date with you? More specifically, are you a good date? Would you date yourself short-term? What about long-term?

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6 Sexual Rituals To Honor The Autumnal Equinox

If you like indulging in pagan rituals, the autumnal equinox as a symbol of the harvest, or digging into those urges to honor the real meaning of Halloween (to help spirits transition to the other side), then you are in for a treat. Instead of dancing around in feathers at a goddess retreat, for a true pagan holiday on October 31, perhaps you enjoy engaging in a more mundane pattern, like flossing your teeth, making the sign of the cross when you enter a church, or brushing your darling's hair before bed. Then again, maybe you like to revisit the "City of Lights" and speak French once a year while munching on a fresh baguette in a chic cafe. Yes, any way you like it, you enjoy rituals, and each season we can discover ritual-making opportunities for your sexuality, as well.

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Why Can't We Put Past Relationships To Rest?

We never try to bring flowers back to life when they have died. We thank them for the beauty they have graced us with and allow them to rest in peace. So why do we insist on resuscitating the pain of past relationships that clearly withered on the vine long ago?

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The Ultimate Goal: 5 Steps To A Better Self

A goal is a target on which you focus and put your time and effort toward achieving. There are five essential steps to realizing your goals. Achieving a goal can take longer and require more commitment than you realize. Self-empowerment and motivation are terrific tools to help steer you toward your vision, which will lead you to your target. Some people believe that when they fail in achieving a goal, it ends the existence of their goal. But this is not true at all! Failing to achieve a goal provides you with the opportunity to go back to the drawing board, redefine your goal and refuel the spirit of your motivation. Here are five steps you can take to improve your odds of success!

My Husband Doesn't Understand My Abortion Pain

My Husband Doesn't Understand My Abortion Pain

"I don't understand why we are feeling so disconnected after an abortion.  I thought this would be the best plan for our future, but now I am wondering..." Couples are often surprised that their abortion did not bring them the closure they were expecting.  This is because there is a lot of emotion involved during the decision-making process.  The initial reaction is usually for sure relief.  What catches people off guard though can be a deep sadness some times afterward.