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Sex: Is Your Computer Wrecking Your Love Life?
Are you spending more time online than with your partner?

Is Your Computer The Unwanted Third Wheel In Your Relationship?

Is the time you spend online having an effect on your face to face connections? What happens to relationships when one partner finds themselves flirting with Facebook friends while the other partner would prefer to spend time with them? Veronica Monet answers these questions and more, clarifying the difference between sexual shame and sex addiction.

couple divorce
See the three factors that really ruin a marriage.

When Does Cheating Lead To Divorce?

Only 10 percent of marriages that have experienced infidelity end in divorce. So, what are the real reasons behind it when it DOES happen? Divorce coach and YourTango expert Laura Moilla explains.

How Often Do You Say 'Yes?'
Saying "No" is the easy way out. It's time to say "Yes!"

How Often Do You Say 'Yes?'

Do you want to reach your next level of success? It's time to thrown your "No's" away and begin saying "Yes!" Relationship Coach Stacey Martino explains why "Yes" is your ticket and why it's okay to seek assistance.

Can No Sex In Marriage Be A Good Thing?
Meaningful change only happens when each party takes 100% responsibility for themselves.

Can No Sex In Marriage Be A Good Thing?

Can sex problems be the best thing that has ever happened in your marriage? Marriage Therapist Jenny Glick explains how sex issues can be a clear indicator for change.

confident woman
One important characteristic? Sex kittens are willing to be vulnerable.

Me-ow! 8 Surprising Traits Of A Sex Kitten

It isn't about wearing sexy clothes, five inch stilettos or red lipstick. It isn't about being a size six or living a picture-perfect life. Life coach Debra Smouse explains how unleashing your Inner Sex Kitten is about that inner confidence of knowing who you are and what you desire to create.

Selfies: The Four Types Of Selfies To Get Your Exes Attention
The best way to get him back is obviously with a sexy selfie.

The Selfie That Says You Want Him Back

We may all want our ex's back at some point. So, how do we get them back? Will a selfie work? Here's a list of 4 different kinds of selfies that can fall under the "I want you back" category.