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A woman hurt by betrayal

Shattered By Infidelity? Rebuild Your Marriage One Step At A Time

The discovery of infidelity is nothing short of gut-wrenching. When betrayal shatters your relationship (and your sense of self), can the fragments every be pieced back together in a way that can make your relationship feel whole again? YourTango Expert Dr. Jim Walkup shares a raw account of the devastation of adultery and the trauma it causes, while also pointing couples toward the path of healing and new new beginnings. Will your marriage survive?

puppy love
puppy in between couple

Dating A Dog Lover? Here’s How To Win Them (BOTH) Over

Has online dating gone to the dogs? "Partner with pets" is the big trend in online dating these days. Find out why so many daters refuse to settle down with anyone who doesn't love their pooch as much as they do. Is this a smart screening process or just down right foolish? Is your boyfriend obsessed with his pet?

How Cyberbullying Might Just Be Caused By Your Divorce
A angry child in timeout.

How Cyberbullying Might Just Be Caused By Your Divorce

A divorce is a rough time for not only the partners but their children who are going to have troubled accepting and understanding new changes that occur in the family. Some kids might collected their emotions and take it out on others by indulging in cyberbullying.