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One aspect of being a victim/perpetrator is judging others. Are you guilty?

On (Not) Being A Victim

Being a perpetrator can be a choice, but so can being a victim. Whether we realize it or not, we are all victims...and we are all perpetrators. Don't believe it? Find out how, and start ending the cycle!

We’re Not Dysfunctional, We’re Family!
Wouldn't it be weirder if you NEVER had to yell at your kids?

We're Not Dysfunctional, We're Family!

So, your family fights. Believe it or not, everyone's does! In fact, familial fighing is—dare we say it?—normal! Read on to learn how to recognize how normal familial discomfort can be healthy!

10 Biggest Turnoffs In A Man
You got the flowers, what next?

10 Biggest Turnoffs In A Man

So you just went on a date with the girl of your dreams, but now she's not returning your calls. You could sulk or beg her to tell you how to do better, but you don't need to bother—getting a second date next time could be as easy as remembering this list!

The Bare Truth About Dating Naked
Once their clothes are on again, will there still be a connection?

The Bare Truth About Dating Naked

Has Naked Dating on VH1 gotten you excited? It might work on TV, but Expert Todd Reed suggests that your birthday suit still might not be the best first-date attire. Find out why!

The Untapped Power of Facebook
Really think about it.

The Untapped Power of Facebook

A LOT of people use social media and sometimes the stuff on your TL makes the news. Why not do something positive with it? Here's what Marriage and Family Therapist, Christine Wilke, discovered about the untapped power of Facebook.