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The American Bedroom Disaster

The American Bedroom Disaster

THE AMERICAN BEDROOM DISASTER I think we can all agree that very few of us have received any formal instruction in sexual matters. So, it’s no surprise that the subject of sex is one in which the majority of people appear to be unpardonably ignorant. If you think about it, much of what we have learned about sex has come to us from extremely dubious sources.

Dating Tips For Single Parents [EXPERT]
When children are involved, dating can be complicated!

Love Advice For Single Parents & Those Who Date Them

Once you reach a certain age, as a single person you may have children of your own, or you may not have children, but you are dating people who do. This definitely makes dating more challenging and possibly very rewarding at the same time. Let's look at dating from each perspective.

10 Ways To Relight The Fire In Your Marriage [EXPERT]
What will it take for you to rekindle your romance?

10 Ways To Relight The Fire In Your Marriage

Isn't it so sad when you come to a point in your relationship that you feel that the flame and spark of love that used to be so strong and fiery has died down? As sad as this may seem, know it is just normal for couples to undergo this stage.

Are You Building Your Dreams On Solid Ground?

Are You Building Your Dreams On Solid Ground?

In LOVE…and every area of life. Johnny and I have always looked to be “dreaming BIG” and keeping our feet on “solid ground.” Sometimes the “dreaming” part took over, sometimes the “solid ground” part took over. What about you? You May Say I’m A Dreamer… Have you had people tell you that you’re “too much of a dreamer?” that you need to be “more practical?” or “realistic?” Well, if so, cheer up – you are in GREAT company!

Chocolate Lovers Rejoice: You Can Make Nutella At Home! [EXPERT]
How do you eat your Nutella?

Chocolate Lovers Rejoice: You Can Make Nutella At Home!

In Italy it is often served on toasted bread slices for part of a morning meal, but Nutella is such a mainstay that there is even a Nutelleria in Bologna, a café which serves Nutella exclusively, dishes such as "Nutella Cornflakes," or desserts like "Nutella Ice Cream" and more, while in Paris, you often see Nutella hugged in Crêpes or with Croissant.

Does Hypnotherapy Work For Weight Loss? [EXPERT]
Over 30% of American adults are currently considered obese.

Does Hypnotherapy Work For Weight Loss?

According to the National Center of Health Statistics, over 30 percent of U.S adults are currently obese. In order for an individual to be considered obese, one must be roughly 30 or more pounds over a healthy weight. A government study conducted by Oxford University estimates that by the year 2032 over half of the population will be obese. The study found that in less than 15 years, 86 percent of men will be overweight and in 20 years, 70 percent of women will be overweight.

The Importance Of Self-Esteem For Lasting Relationships

The Importance Of Self-Esteem For Lasting Relationships

Different people have different views when it comes to the idea of a romantic relationship. One clinical study stated that romantic love is basically one's unique emotional state of great calm, intense excitement, and improved well-being when the partner is present.  Scientists also believe that a romantic and loving relationship is powerful but an irrational addiction or attraction. They mainly characterize the feeling as a temporary phenomenon that is mostly comprised of sexual fantasies that easily diminish over time.

Is Alicia Silverstone Clueless About Parenting? [EXPERT]
Instead of judging other parents, focus on improving your own parenting skills.

Is Alicia Silverstone Clueless About Parenting?

When was the last time you sat in a restaurant and became upset that your meal was disturbed by the noisy children a few tables over? How many times have you ranted privately about the poor parenting that's the cause of the latest school shooting or online bullying drama? Like a winter coat to protect yourself from the cold, parents wear judgment of other parents like a shield to protect us from seeing clearly where we might need to improve our own parenting.

Parents, Where Are You?

Parents, Where Are You?

A month ago a video went viral when a 12 year old girl recorded herself looking very sincere with a cute hat on her head asking if she was pretty. The little girl took the recording, posted it on YouTube and the rest is history. Every person interested in vulnerable, silly little girls modestly dressed with a cute voice responded. The responses were mixed and extreme. Some comments told her how ugly she was, some validated her concern, but reassured her, and a few scolded her for doing such an action.

Beginning The Forgiveness Process

Beginning The Forgiveness Process

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful things that we can do in order to release negativity in our own minds and bodies. In the words of Nelson Mandela, not forgiving is like drinking poison yourself, then expecting your enemy to die. Therefore, forgiveness is important first and foremost for YOU. I have therefore decided to share this forgiveness process with you all which I have adapted from many different ones I have seen over the years.