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Getting Past The Paralyzing Fear Of Divorce

Getting Past The Paralyzing Fear Of Divorce

Are you in a relationship that you can barely tolerate? Are you in a marriage that is hanging on by a thread? Is the tension so high that you can hardly breathe when you are in the same room together? Has this been going on for a while? Have you been contemplating divorce but haven’t had the guts to make the move? Very often couples who are struggling think a lot about divorce but never take action. They stay together far longer than the expiry date of the relationship and allow the tension to fester, the mold to grow, and the resentment to build.

Laws of Attraction
Attracting the right type of love is only five easy steps away!

5 Ways To Attract Love In 30 Days!

For many singles, the New Year signifies a new beginning with hopes, excitement and the anticipation of the relationship they have always dreamed of having but with the same limited understanding of how to attract it. Here are five sure fire ways for the dating single to attract love into their life in 30 days!

Are You Pushing Love Away Because You Want It Too Much?

Are You Pushing Love Away Because You Want It Too Much?

At one of my workshops I asked my audience why, in their opinion, they hadn’t been able to attract their ideal life partner. One woman raised her hand and said: Because I want it too much. We all have a sense that when we want something too much, we never get it. Because when we want something too much – we suffer because we don’t have it yet. And from a place of suffering it is impossible to create anything healthy or positive.

4 Methods for Dealing with Criticism and Nagging from Your Spouse

4 Methods for Dealing with Criticism and Nagging from Your Spouse

Do you love your mate but really hate the complaints and nagging you get from him or her? Your partner might be a flat-out bully who says and does things that make you feel bad, wrong or inept. Or, your spouse might more subtly pick at you. The criticism may be said in a “sweet” or soft voice, but the sting still hurts. When living with a critical or nagging partner, you might frequently feel defensive and like lashing back. Instead, your reaction when you feel attacked could be to withdraw into yourself. There are many things you can do in response to your partner's criticisms. Some of these reactions will strain your relationship even more.

Man Doing the Dishes
Doing something as simple as washing the dishes can show how much you actually care.

Real Men Do The Dishes!

In relationships, women often find themselves having the same conversation with their men, and hoping that this will finally be the time that they get what they want...or that their men are finally aggravated enough to change.

setting goals
Ask the Universe in writing!

Turn Your Goals Into Reality

When the calendar turns over into a new year, some people dread it. Instead, carve out some time during the first week to rethink your life and goals for the year. Here's a simple form to use to address the components of emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, relationships and work.

animal therapy
Can you imagine slaughtering an animal that is so important to so many people?

Therapy Animals: Companions or Consumption?

On November 18, 2011, it became legal to slaughter American horses for human consumption in the United States. What?! Americans don’t eat horses. We ride them, groom them, love them, use them in therapy, and make movies about them. Imagine sitting through two hours of War Horse, only to watch "Joey" get slaughtered after his brave and heroic service. Unthinkable? Think again.

Why Making A Mess Can Get You Closer To Success

Why Making A Mess Can Get You Closer To Success

Messes. Misses. Mistakes. Better to be right than wrong, right? Wrong.

 Consider this: each day after school, my friend's father asks his two daughters what they succeeded at and enjoyed. And then he also makes sure to ask them where they 
tried and failed. He appreciates both; and he's teaching them to appreciate both. He intentionally pays as much attention to their mistakes as to their victories. What gives?

“...'Til Death Do Us Part”

“...'Til Death Do Us Part”

by Gregg DeMammos Traditional marriage vows say, “I promise to love, honor and obey...'til death do us part...” We think we know better than these ancient words. We take our vows lightly. We don't bother to look at the wisdom in the vows and how far beyond us, beyond simply being in love, beyond our smallness, they are. Imagine who you'd have to become to honor your vows over years and years of marriage and actually be happy!