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Stop the Holidays from Putting Stress on Your Relationship

Stop the Holidays from Putting Stress on Your Relationship

By Marianne Beach, It's the most wonderful time of the year -- unless you just got dumped, that is. Unfortunately with the approaching holidays so comes the end of many relationships. So why are the holidays so fraught with break-ups? And what can a newly single gal do to keep her holiday cheer? We asked Tina B. Tessina, PhD, (aka "Dr. Romance") psychotherapist and author of The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again why so many relationships seem to fizzle out each December.

Mapping Your 2012 Goals?  Start Right Here:

Mapping Your 2012 Goals? Start Right Here:

Has 2011 been filled with drama and trauma for you? Have you heard rumors about 2012, the Mayan Calendar ending and fear what lies ahead? Do you struggle to plan your future? Are you ready for a fresh start? Now of all times it is critical that you simply acknowledge that you are unsure where to turn next. You can’t plan for a journey without knowing where you’re starting from. There is no shame in being lost or losing your way.

It's time to take the first steps to achieving a healthy sex life.

3 Steps To Overcome Sex Addiction

This intriguing trifecta – sex, food and money, are three of the most sought-after pleasures life has to offer. Yet, we’ve all suffered the extremes of having too much of a good thing – when longing becomes lust and increasing stress and anxiety are the result of obsession. There are warning signs if we choose to listen, whether they are nagging little thoughts at the outer regions or outrageous behaviors that become hard to ignore. These warning signs indicate perhaps seeking help is a good idea, around about – now.

Is a  warm body better than no-body for New Year's Eve?

Is a warm body better than no-body for New Year's Eve?

The loneliest most of us ever feel is when we are with someone we don’t care for. A bad date or a bad marriage can make us feel so alone and unloved. Many people go out with people they don’t like to avoid being alone for special holidays, and New Year’s Eve is one of those times. Who wants to be home alone on New Year’s Eve? It’s the one night you are supposed to go out, have romance and bring in the New Year with a kiss of passion and goodwill.

Why Your Ex Isn't Calling you Back

Why Your Ex Isn't Calling you Back

The art of loving relationships is steeped in communication. They are built on relationships where people talk and interact and grow. When this ceases to occur, something bad begins to develop and something begins to go rancid in Paradise. The first signs of miscommunication issues are when you find yourselves saying, Huh? too many times, and the sound of their voices begin to mimic a dull droning noise like a vacuum cleaner.

Are You a 'People Pleaser'?

Are You a 'People Pleaser'?

By Danielle Miller, It is a natural instinct to want to please the ones we love. For some of us, it is a natural instinct to please even those we don't love: bosses, co-workers, complete strangers. To a certain extent, this compulsion to please is a perfectly normal, healthy emotion. It makes the world a sunnier place for those around you-but what about you?

Is Texting Ruining Marriages?

Is Texting Ruining Marriages?

By: Kelly Rouba, It seems that everywhere you look, someone is texting, checking e-mail, or playing with one of the latest apps on his or her cell phone. And while cell phones have brought us closer with our social networks in many ways, some married couples are now finding it's doing the opposite for their relationship.

You should have no shame in suggesting a "chick flick" to watch at your next movie night!

10 Chick Flicks Men Secretly Enjoy

More often than not, when a guy watches a "chick flick", it's because he's just trying to come off as sensitive and he's hoping that maybe, just maybe, it'll help him get lucky enough to hook-up. But which ones do they really dig?

Is Anxiety Ruining Your Relationships?

Is Anxiety Ruining Your Relationships?

Worry is the quiet storm that continues to rock your boat and anxiety is the tsunami that sinks it time and time again.   Anxiety can wreck relationships because left unchecked the runaway thoughts and behaviors that it generates can become so problematic that we actually drive the people we want close to us, further away.  

Get creative! The sky is the limit when it comes to your New Year theme!

What's Your Theme For 2012?

What is your theme for 2012 going to be? I’m not asking what your goals are with accomplishments by dates, or what your resolutions are going to be. Rather, what your vision or dream for the upcoming year is going to be. What do you feel energy or excitement around? What is it that you will be able to wrap yourself around and embrace? What is the thing that you can really connect with? What engages your imagination and feels compelling. That “something” that makes you want to work towards it, give it life, and make it dance!