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Thanksgiving Dinner
Make your renewed commitment during Thanksgiving, our national holiday of gratitude!

Taking Thanksgiving Into Your Relationships

Our brains are designed to focus on what is wrong. It does so in order to keep us safe—in other words, our focus on possible dangers is what keeps us alive. Unfortunately, this design mechanism does not necessarily serve our relationships. Many of the things we recognize as “wrong” in the people we love are simply misinterpreted actions based on our past experiences with others.

ring off
Time to move forward as Thanksgiving Day arrives.

What Demi Moore Has To Be Thankful For

It seems that celebrity break-ups are as frequent as my protein bar and drink regime ordered by my doctor to help me lose weight. I'm now up to 3 protein drinks a day, plus 3 protein bars, and then a 500 calorie protein rich dinner with plenty of fresh vegetables. So that would be approximately 7 regular protein boosts a day, which is actually less frequent, it seems, than the daily announcements that some fab celebrity couple is calling it quits! The latest casualty: Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

A Quickie To Cure The Mother In-Law Sarcasm

A Quickie To Cure The Mother In-Law Sarcasm

The other day I complimented my friend Tina on her cardigan. It was a long cardigan that you could wear with leggings. The cardigan looked comfortable and stylish, so I said I love your cardigan. She responded saying thanks, my mother in law gave it to me for my birthday. I said that was nice of her. Tina said, yeah she gave it to me and then said it is perfect because it will cover your butt.

Add this recipe to your recipe box!

3 Ingredients For A Healthy Relationship

For those of us in the United States, this week we celebrate one of our country’s most treasured holidays: Thanksgiving. One of the elements that makes this tradition so special is the food that we eat based on the recipes that have been handed down through the generations. This food reminds us of past experiences of gathering with family and friends. There is something comforting and fulfilling in these types of traditions.

How to be grateful during the holidays but still want more

How to be grateful during the holidays but still want more

During Thanksgiving week, you are reminded to be grateful for the things and people in your life. When you are struggling with love or going through a breakup, the last thing that you may want to focus on is gratitude. You may be losing patience for your true love’s arrival or tired of dating men who just don’t turn you on. If your love life isn’t what you want, you may have trouble being grateful this time of year.

Holidays: Spending Time with Friends or Families

Holidays: Spending Time with Friends or Families

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I'm home. Most years at this time I'd be on the road. Traveling to visit my sister and family. But last year my friends and I spent Thanksgiving together and a week later I lost a friend and one of my friends, a brother. My Mother always loved Thanksgiving and taught me how to make all the specialities my friends and family now request, but also left us right before thanksgiving.

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Living the single life isn't always a bad thing!

7 Tips On How You Can Enjoy Being Single

Is serial monogamy the best way to find long lasting love? As a former relationship addict myself, I'm saying NO and GalTime's Dating Diva Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D., founder of, is backing me up. She says there are many benefits of spending some time being single in order to find yourself before you start looking for someone else.

What We REALLY Want From Sex

What We REALLY Want From Sex

Amazing orgies every Saturday night? Giant hour-long orgasms? They may make for fun fantasies, but that’s not what most people want from sex. After thirty-one years as a sex therapist, I know that most people want sex to be easier. Less frustrating. They want to feel less self-conscious and less isolated.

burnt turkey
Don't end up a burnt turkey!

Your Thanksgiving Day Survival Guide: 4 Ways To Beat The Stress

Relationship coach Lisa Kift shares four ways you can reduce your stress this Thanksgiving. The holidays brings up a lot for people as they consider how they're going to navigate the potential family land mines. It doesn't have to be a highly stressful event for you, unless you allow it to be.