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Do your text messages affect your emotional health?

Dating Chemistry Test—How Texting Tests Emotional Health

Dating Question: I waited a few years after my wife died before I started dating a great woman, who's divorcing a jerky guy. For 2 months, we've had dinner together a couples times a week. we stay in touch each day by texting, "Miss You," or "Have fun today." Yesterday, I kept my cell off while I spent the day and had dinner with clients. Later I noticed she had sent me dozens of texts asking what was wrong and saying she doesn't like to be ignored. I immediately called her to say that nothing was wrong and I wasn't ignoring her. She said if I really cared about her, I would have answered her texts instead of torturing her with my silence. She said she wasn't sure she wanted to see me again because of this. I'm confused. I enjoyed her until she freaked out over one day away from texting. Can I send you her texts so you can figure out what happened?

Skincare Products Devoted To Cancer Patients

Skincare Products Devoted To Cancer Patients

This summer one of my oldest and dearest friends was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Knowing that she was going to suffer, and brave through Chemotherapy made me feel helpless, and threw me into a frenzy to find things to help ease her situation. If I couldn't miraculously heal her, than at least I could research and find products that would help make her situation alittle more bearable.

Is your happily ever after slipping away from you?

Why Marriage Doesn't Always Equal Happily Ever After

"Why didn't someone tell me it was going to be so hard? I thought that after we were married things would settle down and we could just be happy together! How come we just fight—and our fights go around in circles and we never solve anything? I am not even sure I should have gotten married in the first place!"

For The Love of Caesar: 10 New Ways

For The Love of Caesar: 10 New Ways

For The Love of Caesar: 10 New Ways with The King of Salads By Zoe Rogers Julia Child asked “How could a mere salad cause such emotion?” Americans nationwide reply: Our passion for the Caesar Salad is red hot! This legendary and beloved King of the salad bowl has a certain panache and mystique and has reached the level of culinary stardom, a perennial favorite year-round.

Next time parenting gets tough, try using one of the 3 secrets listed below!

3 Powerful Parenting Secrets

An Old Chinese Proverb states, "Parents who are afraid to put their foot down usually have children who tread on their toes." Clearly some form of structure is needed to keep the peace and limit the chaos. With these 3 powerful parenting secrets, you do not need to yell or scold, but you do need to be consistent and firm.

Relationship Resilience In Stressful Times

Relationship Resilience In Stressful Times

It had been a long week of work deadlines, unexpected car repairs, grumpy kids and more. Rita was looking forward to a relaxing dinner out with just she and her husband, Pete. Unfortunately, that was not to be. Pete's meeting ran late and traffic was slow. When he finally walked into the restaurant and joined Rita, he looked stiff and tightly wound. After the server got his order wrong, Pete broke. He began to shout and scream at the mortified young man who made the mistake. Pete demanded to talk to the restaurant manager and caused a huge scene.

7 Dos & Don'ts Dating Success [EXPERT]
Follow these simple guidelines to land first dates left and right!

7 Dos & Don'ts For Dating Success

While we all may know one smooth natural at the art of dating, it’s a challenge for the vast majority. I'm well aware of this because I’ve been there myself. The key to dating is learning specific skills and techniques to minimize your stress and ensure your success! Here are a few critical tips.

whitney houston
You don't have to be a celebrity superstar to have the confidence to put yourself first!

Wisdom from Whitney: Put Yourself First

It was September 2009 when a vibrant, yet voice-strained, Whitney Houston took the GMA stage to launch a promising and long awaited comeback. Surrounded by devoted listeners fighting to beat the heat with custom made Whitney Houston fans given out by GMA, Whitney's smile seemed to signify that perhaps she'd beaten the battle of alcohol and drug addiction that had been sadly shadowing this beautiful superstar's success. Believing she was ready to rise again, she shared her experiences with Oprah in 2009. Now less than three years later, Whitney is gone leaving us with the unforgettable light of her smile, the brilliance of her talent and our frustration over another unnecessary and tragic loss.

How Can Your Core Values Lead To A Healthy Love Life?

How Can Your Core Values Lead To A Healthy Love Life?

Why are core values important? Core values form the foundation on which you live and conduct yourself. When you’re in alignment with your core values, you know the direction your life is heading and what’s important to you. You experience more peace, self confidence and well-being.