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The 5 Most Common Dating Epiphanies [EXPERT]
Have you had your "light bulb" moment yet?

The 5 Most Common Dating Epiphanies

This is especially true in dating and relationships and it is important to not ignore or discount your dating "aha" moments. Here are five of the most common and how to make the most out of these moments of clarity.

Male-Female Platonic Friendship? Yeah, Right [EXPERT]
Do you have male friends?

Male-Female Platonic Friendship? Yeah, Right

If you are like many women today, you have several male friends. Sure, you love them, but like brothers. And you wouldn't even think about ever having sex with them, because that's not what your relationship is about and you know they feel exactly the same way. I'm here to say that you can be absolutely confident that this is true if they are either under the age of ten, comatose, or gay. Otherwise, you're living in a fool's paradise.

6 Warning Signs You're In An Abusive Relationship [EXPERT]
Love shouldn't hurt.

6 Warning Signs You're In An Abusive Relationship

I was wondering: how many people get into these situations, when their partners, who are suppose to give them love, appreciation and support, turn against them? Still, others might wonder why they are not leaving their abusive partner, as well. Once in a while, most of us get handled in a non-respectful way, and it would be irresponsible to break up after every conflict. On the other hand, the unfair but usual maneuver of an abusive partner who makes the victim believe that she or he is responsible for the bad turns of events is completely unacceptable.

5 Tips To Prevent Dating Burnout [EXPERT]
Sometimes, all it takes is meeting new people.

5 Tips To Prevent Dating Burnout

Are you single, looking for a relationship, but have grown tired of the whole dating scene? Are you finding yourself bored, annoyed and just plain frustrated at the thought of meeting new people? Chances are that you are suffering from a case of dating burnout.

Why Acne Is More Than Skin Deep

Why Acne Is More Than Skin Deep

The other day, I was on the elliptical machine at the gym and an infomercial came on for acne medication. Later, when I went to the company’s website, it noted that there was no cure for acne. If someone with problem skin read that, they may conclude that they’re doomed to years of breakouts and treating their skin with washes and creams and medications. Well, have you ever heard the expression by Tony Robbins, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”? This holds true for skin breakouts!

4 Tips To Make The Most Of An 'Aha' Moment [EXPERT]
Oprah Winfrey coined the term "aha moment" on her ABC daytime talk show.

4 Tips To Make The Most Of An 'Aha' Moment

We've all had aha moments ... that sudden thrill of something you hadn't understood before, the glimpse of a possibility, that moment when you finally "get it." Merriam-Webster recently added the term to its famous dictionary, and defines it as: a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension. Here are four things you should do with an aha moment:

What Not To Wear On a First Date

What Not To Wear On a First Date

What you wear on a date speaks volumes. But, I think we all know that. But, I think we underestimate the overtones or vibes we give off with what we wear. I personally like a man who dresses well … whether it is a dark blue suit or a jeans and casual shirt. I look to see if his clothes are neat, clean and pressed. I know … this might be over the top. But, how he presents himself says a lot about the care he takes of himself, and in kind, the care he will take of me.

The Benefits Of Sexercises

The Benefits Of Sexercises

Sexercises, of course, combines the words sex and exercises. They are designed to maximize sex muscle strength and control. The sex muscles are the internal muscles used in sexual play. They provide those heavenly involuntary contractions (about one per second) during our genital orgasms. Well-conditioned sex muscles correlate highly with sexual pleasure and genital health. In fact, sex experts tout the development of these muscles as a way to achieve, intensify, prolong and control genital orgasm in both sexes. We know that weak, flabby muscles don’t do their job very well.