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3 Ways To Get Past A Divorce [EXPERT]
Taking a vacation is a great way to get past your recent divorce.

3 Ways To Get Past A Divorce

There are reasons that you have come to this. Respect them. Sit in the pain for as long as you need to. Then begin to move on. Let's talk about how to feel better and how to heal. Here are three things that I recommend for anybody who has recently separated or divorced

Why Summer Is The Best Season To Be Single [EXPERT]
How do you embrace your single status?

Why Summer Is The Best Season To Be Single

Don't stress over your single status this season. Instead, embrace your freedom. The summer seems to amplify the cons of single life. Well, don't worry you are not alone. It is amazing to have someone, but if you do not, we are advocating that you embrace your single status this summer. It is time to focus on other aspects of your life and stop stressing over when you will find that perfect person. Here's how.

50 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship [EXPERT]
It takes two to make your relationship strong!

50 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship

Falling in love is a beautiful thing. It can be all-consuming, and make you feel like like you can take on the world. But, sustaining long term love can be difficult. Here are 50 ways to strengthen the love you and your significant other have. This is a comprehensive list to loving better and getting back to the feelings you had when you first fell in love.

5 Ways To Be Happier In A Relationship [EXPERT]
Are you ready for a love that lasts forever?

5 Ways To Be Happier In A Relationship

The search for happiness has been a topic in popular psychology recently and the consensus of several gurus has been that we humans are wired to be most content when our lives are focused on love and work. Love can mean all forms of intimate social interaction, and work can mean any regular organized effort toward a valued goal. One way promising way to maximize happiness is to strive, together, toward the valued goal of improving the most intimate relationship in your life. Learning how to make one another happy can be seen as a valued goal for anyone in a relationship.Happiness in relationship can be approached by this five skills. Improvement in these skills is noticeable and measurable; progress can generate increased satisfaction quickly. Framing and sharing these skills to improve the quality of your relationship can enhance bonding.

Have you been sitting back and waiting for THE ONE?

Have you been sitting back and waiting for THE ONE?

There is a whole movement called the attraction principle. Have you heard about The Secret? It’s about tapping in your thoughts to energetically attract the right people and the life of your dreams. It’s one thing to sit back and wish for that someone special to show up in your life….. And it’s another to take some PROACTIVE STEPS to meeting that right person you so desire to build your life with! This is my Dating Success formula: AWARENESS plus ACTION plus FOCUS equals LOVE SUCCESS!

What’s the Difference Between a Tramp and a Prostitute?

What’s the Difference Between a Tramp and a Prostitute?

I dated a married guy once. In fact, we were engaged and almost got married ourselves. What broke us up? That he was married when we got together, ironically. Oddly enough, never once in all the years we struggled to make that relationship work did it ever occur to me to call my local paper (or a global tabloid) and give a blow-by-blow description to people who deliberately use the information to humiliate and desecrate the people involved; namely, his wife and family. Nope. Not ever. As a matter of fact, I felt quite the opposite.

5 Steps To Personal Transformation

5 Steps To Personal Transformation

Being a Counselor and meeting with many people, I became aware of the reluctance of people to share how their sexual lives were going. Many times our sexual lives are following the same patterns that we are dealing with on a day to day basis in other areas of our life.  The problem is that many people carry shame and guilt about their behaviors and feel they must hold onto the secrets or the shame will feel overwhelming and they couldn’t possible handle it.   I have seen people weekly for a year building trust, before they feel comfortable enough to open up about sex

6 Herbs That'll Make Your Orgasms Mind-Blowing [EXPERT]
Make your next cup of tea have exciting results.

6 Herbs That'll Make Your Orgasms Mind-Blowing

There are many things that can intensify your orgasm, including foreplay. But did you know that having a simple cup of tea can make you have a more intense, fulfilling orgasm? Herbs work on several levels; they reduce tension and increase blood flow and can also increase sensation to our more delicate areas. Some of my favorite herbs are easy to come by and make a great tasting tea.