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Emotional Safety & How To Get More Of It

Emotional Safety & How To Get More Of It

 Our human form is relatively fragile. Resilient in many ways, of course, but even the most cursory amount of attention to the news reveals the many ways our bodies and spirits can be harmed. That said, we live on a part of the planet that is not as subject to some of the on-going violent and destructive forces found in other parts of the world. From a physical safety point of view, those of us who have the privilege of reading words like these about safety, tend to be actually relatively safe — at least in a physical way.

How A Kiss Can Save Your Relationship [EXPERT]
Put your lips to work when you're ready to rekindle your romantic relationship.

How A Kiss Can Save Your Relationship

One of the greatest things you can do to keep that intimacy alive is to kiss on a regular basis. I'm talking about kissing on the lips, not just a peck on the cheek or the forehead. You can save your pecks for your Aunt Ethel. Kiss when you say goodbye in the morning, when you come home at night, when you go to bed, when you're leaving on a trip and when you come home.

Are You Worried Your Partner Will Cheat...Again?

Are You Worried Your Partner Will Cheat...Again?

How can I be sure infidelity won't happen again? It was probably quite painful and difficult to discover that your partner was having an affair. If you two decided to stay together and rebuild trust, you are aware that the healing process can take time, patience and care. No matter where you are in this relationship rebuilding process, you might be experiencing jealous fears.

8 Online Dating Tips For Divorced Singles [EXPERT]
If you're ready to find love again, online dating may be the perfect solution.

8 Online Dating Tips For Divorced Singles

Being married may have enabled you to not focus on your looks, your mannerisms, and your lifestyle. Dating forces you to evaluate all of those qualities that may have been taken for granted or not explored. One of the most popular options for singles is online dating. It's a wonderful option in its ability to date on your own time, ask a lot of questions and get to know someone in the comfort of your own home.

Relationship Secrets: “We Just Say Yes.”

Relationship Secrets: “We Just Say Yes.”

From time to time whether it be with couples or close friends, I pick up tiny relationship secrets that I like to share with clients and those around me looking to enhance their relationships, so sit back and enjoy the treat! When I was in grad school, a good friend of mine was as in love as can be with a guy she had been dating for over two years. I had to ask what she thought was different about this relationship or what made this one stick out from the others? It didn’t take her two seconds to respond.

Is Comfort Food Causing Your Depression? [EXPERT]
Why you shouldn't turn to comfort food when you're feeling sad or lonely.

Is Comfort Food Causing Your Depression?

Well, it's official. There is now absolutely zero reason to be eating fast food whatsoever! For those of you who always knew that fast food wasn't healthy but ate it anyway because it made you feel happy, I have some unfortunate news.

Erotic Spirituality & The Church

Erotic Spirituality & The Church

Sadly, here in the America, there have been many obstacles to erotic spirituality that have been molded by two thousand years of sex-negative, Judeo-Christian influences and values. Make no mistake about it, the spiritual implications of sexual love and orgasmic pleasure have been profoundly threatening to our patriarchal religions. Their response has been to put up many formidable roadblocks to our right to freedom of sexual expression.

Niche Dating: Finding Needles In Haystacks [EXPERT]
Having trouble finding the right match for you? Try this tailored-to-you site.

Niche Dating: Finding Needles In Haystacks

There's truly never been a better time for single men and women looking for llife-long love. Why? Because professional matchmakers have all kinds of new resources, tools, and networking capabilities to target "niche" needles in haystacks for even the most challenging-to-match clients, especially those who are searching in special categories.

28 Ways To Move On From A Past Relationship [EXPERT]
There's no need to look back.

28 Ways To Move On From A Past Relationship

When a relationship is over, it's time to let go. Holding on to a past love clutters up your heart and mind. Letting go opens up the space and possibilities to attract the partner of your dreams. Try these things to stop dwelling on the relationship you had with your ex.