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How To Use Oracle Cards To Find True Love, Part 3

How To Use Oracle Cards To Find True Love, Part 3

Where are you when it comes to piloting your own love life? Are you still single and pending lot of energy in the past? Are you lonelier than ever and about to give up on love?  Don't do it! Today I am doing a real Oracle card reading especially for those of you who are feeling sad and discouraged about finding a soulmate.

3 Questions To Ask Before Getting Back With An Ex [EXPERT]
Does it make sense to put the pieces back together?

3 Questions To Ask Before Getting Back With An Ex

For one reason or another, your relationship ended and like many people, you want him or her back. You want to get who you had back and you've got a good idea of how to accomplish this monumental task. Of course, the relevant question here should be "Should you try to get your ex back?" There are good reasons and there are bad reasons to get back together with someone. It's all about examining the cause of the breakup and the reasons behind your current urge to get back together with him or her.

Like Safe Sex? Win Free Condoms [EXPERT]
Love free condoms? Apply to participate in this fun study!

Like Safe Sex? Review Premium Condoms

YourTango readers, remember, you read about it here first! Lucky Bloke is looking for a few good men and women. Mission: Great Sex!, a Global Condom Review & Safe Sex Initiative presented by is seeking men and women, internationally, in every possible demographic to participate in testing and reviewing the world's best condoms.

Can Any Joy Come From Loss?

Can Any Joy Come From Loss?

There is a photograph of lemons in my office. I wrote a book in which one of the chapters is titled "Making Lemons into Lemonade." I am all about exploring loss, working through loss, feeling the pain, coming out on the other side, and figuring out how loss makes you grow. I encourage my clients to find a new lens for understanding their greatest disappointments. I believe that those who look hard enough at their loss can even find joy and new meaning in their their life that would not be there were it not for their most devastating heartbreaks.

What To Consider Before Having Kids

What To Consider Before Having Kids

This guest article from Psych Central was written by Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S. Having a baby is a big decision that requires couples to do some serious self-reflecting and communicating. But some couples don’t exactly contemplate parenthood — or they have the wrong idea about having kids.

Mirror, Mirror: What Gay Men Can Learn From Snow White [EXPERT]
Who knew you could learn so much from a Disney story?

Mirror, Mirror: What Gay Men Can Learn From Snow White

Mirror Mirror, the new movie starring Julia Roberts as the evil queen step-mother, re-tells the fairy tale story of Snow White. The characters in Snow White, like all fairy tales, represent the internal struggle that we all work with as we mature and try to evolve to higher levels of emotional, psychological and spiritual attainment. Fairy tale characters represent the various energetic or archetypal personalities that each of us embodies in our personal and collective consciousness.

The American Bedroom Disaster

The American Bedroom Disaster

THE AMERICAN BEDROOM DISASTER I think we can all agree that very few of us have received any formal instruction in sexual matters. So, it’s no surprise that the subject of sex is one in which the majority of people appear to be unpardonably ignorant. If you think about it, much of what we have learned about sex has come to us from extremely dubious sources.

Dating Tips For Single Parents [EXPERT]
When children are involved, dating can be complicated!

Love Advice For Single Parents & Those Who Date Them

Once you reach a certain age, as a single person you may have children of your own, or you may not have children, but you are dating people who do. This definitely makes dating more challenging and possibly very rewarding at the same time. Let's look at dating from each perspective.

10 Ways To Relight The Fire In Your Marriage [EXPERT]
What will it take for you to rekindle your romance?

10 Ways To Relight The Fire In Your Marriage

Isn't it so sad when you come to a point in your relationship that you feel that the flame and spark of love that used to be so strong and fiery has died down? As sad as this may seem, know it is just normal for couples to undergo this stage.

Are You Building Your Dreams On Solid Ground?

Are You Building Your Dreams On Solid Ground?

In LOVE…and every area of life. Johnny and I have always looked to be “dreaming BIG” and keeping our feet on “solid ground.” Sometimes the “dreaming” part took over, sometimes the “solid ground” part took over. What about you? You May Say I’m A Dreamer… Have you had people tell you that you’re “too much of a dreamer?” that you need to be “more practical?” or “realistic?” Well, if so, cheer up – you are in GREAT company!