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When Is Enough Enough? [EXPERT}

When Is Enough Enough? [EXPERT}

When you have been seeing someone and they continue to let you down and do things that they know you would not appreciate; when is it time to cut your losses and move on? I have been seeing this guy off and on. We have not been exclusive because of the issues I have with his drinking and always having to be out. And then tonight took the cake. He puts on his Facebook a status that was so disrespectful towards me. It basically wrote that he was looking for a hookup and of course when he wrote this status he was at a bar. So everyone knew that that's what he was implying. 

Dating the Insecure Woman vs. the Secure Woman? Part 1

Dating the Insecure Woman vs. the Secure Woman? Part 1

Men love women who are secure and loathe women who are not. We know females do crazy things when they love hard. But all too often, these are based on fear. Fear will make you act crazy, so be sure to check yourself and please do not act based off your emotions. Men often speak of their love in terms of action, instead of simply saying “I love you.” If you want him to say it, it would be best for you to express how you feel and tell him, “ I love you, baby.” Eventually, the words will come out of his mouth.

Being Afraid To Love. [EXPERT}

Being Afraid To Love. [EXPERT}

Love is a tricky thing. It can change you in a good way and a bad way. When you have had failed relationships more than successful ones; it is easy to close yourself off even when someone who enters your life who would be perfect for you. I have never truly been in love. I have thought in the past that I was in love twice, but now that I revisit those memories and relationships I realize that those weren't true love. They were faux relationships.Most of them used me for my kindness and took advantage of how giving I am.

Is Your Partner Good For You?

Is Your Partner Good For You?

You know you are in a good relationship if you both bring out the best in each other. Do you remember in the film 'As Good as It Gets' when Jack Nicholson’s character tells Helen Hunt’s character why he thinks they should be together? He says to her, “You make me want to be a better man.” Well, that’s what I’m talking about here!

28 Dos & Don'ts Of Divorced Parenting [EXPERT]
Don't let your divorce damage your relationship with your child.

28 Dos & Don'ts Of Divorced Parenting

One of the most damaging things you can do to your child is to use them as an object of your anger. Here is a list of dos and don'ts that can assist you in parenting in a way that best protects your children while you are going through your divorce.

Digital Infidelity: Innocent Fun Or Online Affair? [EXPERT]
Who are you e-flirting with?

Digital Infidelity: Innocent Fun Or Online Affair?

Remember the days when cheating had a very simple definition? "Thou shall not commit adultery or covet thy neighbors..." was pretty straightforward. If you kissed, touched, connected emotionally or had sex with anyone other than your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, it was considered cheating and it was wrong. Enter the age of the internet, smart phones and social networking. The definition of cheating has become a little more complicated.

Why He Keeps You Waiting By The Phone & How To Handle It [EXPERT]
Think before you text!

Why He Keeps You Waiting By The Phone & How To Handle It

Has this ever happened to you? You meet a new guy for coffee and have a great first date. The week goes by. He texts once or twice, but does not ask about the weekend. Then, he finally calls you, on Friday, to talk about the weekend. "Are you free tonight?" he asks. Well, you purposely left the weekend open hoping he would call. So you say, "Yes". You go out and have another great date. Then, you don't hear from him all week, except for some texting. This time, you can't take it. You want to know what is going to happen for the weekend. You can't stand this waiting game.

How To Triumph As A "Supermom" [EXPERT]
Mommyhood is filled with many ups and downs, but the payoff is worth it!

How To Triumph As A "Supermom"

It was a typical Sunday morning in our house. My husband woke up at 8 a.m., made coffee and went outside to cut the grass. The kids were sleeping and I was sitting in bed reading a magazine. My son, Jacob, woke about ten minutes later, just as I was getting into the good part of an article — typical when you have a 5-year-old. Two minutes later, my 3-year-old daughter, Lindsay, found her way into our bed, as well. I tickled their stomachs. We had a pillow fight and we laughed and laughed. It became what we call in our house a "cuddle fest." It was the best moment of my week. Little did I know that three hours later, I would experience the worst moment of my life.