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The 4 Levels Of Communication All Married Couples MUST Know
Keep the love strong.

The 4 Levels Of Communication All Married Couples MUST Know

Many marriages deteriorate due to lack of effective communication. The couple becomes too accustomed to their partner and no longer shows curiosity toward discovering something new in their marriage. It's time to open your mouth and start talking to your husband or wife.

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In love with the moon

Want A Healthy Relationship? Stop Making It "All About Him"

All relationships have their ups and downs, but the ones that are meant to fail do not have balance; one partner will make things all about themselves. To remedy this, you have to have the confidence to stand up for yourself and let your partner know you will not tolerate that behavior. Or, end the relationship all together.

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Keep these tips in mind at this year's party.

How To NOT Embarrass Yourself At The Office Christmas Party

With the holiday season comes an array of Christmas party invitations. From ugly sweater parties to festive Christmas movie binges, it's a joyous season for cracking open a bottle of bubbly. But among these invitations will likely be your Christmas work party. Follow these doss and don'ts to avoid skipping work and staying in bed the next day hiding in shame.