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Go from Having Social Anxiety to a Social Butterfly

Go from Having Social Anxiety to a Social Butterfly

For some people, the idea of being in a social setting is comparable to a torture treatment. The anxiety and the pressure to talk one on one or to a group leaves a select few in sheer panic. Understandably, this can create more awkardness and ultimately, shyness - the exact opposite of what was intended.  Here's a few tips to help with being comfortable in a social setting. 

camille grammer
Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Camille Grammer took her ex-husband to task.

Divorced Parenting: Camille & Kelsey Grammer's Mistakes

It's important to recognize that kids are not reliable reporters and should not be put in the position of "telling on" one parent and witnessing the other parent's major reaction. Parents must communicate directly with each other on the adult level.

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The Connecticut tragedy affects us all.

Tragedy In Connecticut: How To Talk To Your Kids

On one level, this is just one more tragedy in a series of tragedies that have occurred in our country. On another level, the victims here were considerably younger. Additionally, Newton, CT was also severely affected by Superstorm Sandy. However, the impact of a tragedy this large ripples across the country and beyond.

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7 Sexy Secrets About Cougars

Hello, my name is KarenLee and I am a cougar. It sounds like I belong in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, but I assure you that a cougar is not a person with an addiction to younger men.

2 Reasons Why Time-Outs Don’t Work

2 Reasons Why Time-Outs Don’t Work

Failed time-outs can be a huge source of frustration for parents and teachers, making them question their skills and abilities, and leading to the belief that they need to escalate severity to get consequences to work. This can easily result in stronger and stronger reprimands, lectures, and even yelling, along with more and more drastic and punitive consequences. This is typically a recipe for disaster. There is a much better way. Really understanding why time-outs don’t work is the place to begin.

Me Moment: What Do You Want For The Holidays...For Yourself?

Me Moment: What Do You Want For The Holidays...For Yourself?

It’s so easy during the holidays to get caught up in the craze. So easy to feel like you have to give more than you really have to give and then end up exhausted and overspent  emotionally and financially come Jan 1. So easy to fall into doing things out of guilt, obligation, habit – instead of out of what brings you the most joy.

8 Things You Should NEVER Admit On A First Date [EXPERT]
Do you overshare?

8 Things You Should NEVER Admit On A First Date

Honesty is a wonderful virtue and should be a major part of every good relationship. But you don't tell a prospective employer you have a shoplifting problem and can't get along with co-workers. You don't tell a cop that pulled you over for a taillight you have a bag of pot under your front seat. And you don't tell your new squeeze all of your twisted little secrets.