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10 Signs Your Marriage Is Failing [EXPERT]
Are you ready to say goodbye?

10 Signs Your Marriage Is Failing

Tom and Cassidy were like many couples who show up in my office for marriage counseling because they had trouble communicating. What this really meant is that they fought constantly about everything. Each was hurt, angry and full of resentment. They were more than a little shocked about how badly things had fallen apart in their ten years of marriage. On that beautiful summer's day so long ago, when they pledged their love for each other, neither ever thought they would be here, feeling this way. Tom and Cassidy, like most couples, knew all about the divorce statistics when they got married. What they didn't know were the 10 signs they should be looking for to warn them that their marriage was heading for trouble.

How To Still Feel Confident With Gray Hair [EXPERT]
Embrace your age and your hair color.

How To Still Feel Confident With Gray Hair

I had gray hair since I was 16 years old; I noticed one long, solitary gray hair in the top of my head, every so slightly hidden underneath fluffy dark brown curls and I was oddly amazed. Every month or so after the first pluck, two or three others, mysteriously, appeared to replace the first. My plucking strategy worked rather well for several decades. However, upon approaching 40, instead of a few errant hairs scattered throughout my curls, I was confronted much more than a few strands. No longer content with popping up in the middle of my head, the gray demons gathered along the edges of my hair, prominent, as though they not only belonged in the same territory as their dark brown sisters, but were the new rulers. I decided I would not go quietly into that good night and welcomed dye like a drowning man welcomes a life-preserver, determined to fight and wage war against the unwelcome intruders until I could fight no more.

Summer Proof Your Gadgets

Summer Proof Your Gadgets

By Andrea Eldridge for GalTime That lounge chair next to the pool is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the latest summer romance on your eReader, or take out some Angry Birds’ pigs on your iPad.  With Pina Colada in hand and toes in the pool or sand, there’s surely no better way to spend a lazy summer afternoon… until the kids decide to practice their cannonballs, leaving you and your gadgets soaked.  Perhaps yo