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How To Choose Your Family's Nanny [EXPERT]
Any Nanny should truly love your child.

How To Choose Your Family's Nanny

When choosing a nanny for their children, indeed the nanny has to fit into the family dynamics and lifestyle, but more importantly, the nanny must be qualified to do the job well. When interviewing a nanny for your family, here are my top five things you should rate your nanny on.

Single? How The Olympics Can Help You Meet Men [EXPERT]
This summer, get a gold medal in flirting!

Single? How The Olympics Can Help You Meet Men

Everyone loves watching the Olympics. Even those of us whose eyes roll at the thought of Monday Night Football find ourselves drawn to the screen when we have a chance to see Michael Phelps swim for the gold.

6 Ways To Feel Secure As A Couple [EXPERT]
Once you feel secure, never let him go!

6 Ways To Feel Secure As A Couple

Have you ever been frustrated with your partner? Maybe you long for him to say "I love you" unprompted, but it never happens. You wonder how long you can continue loving him without your need to feel loved and appreciated being met. You have tried to talk to him about your needs in the past and have learned he will get angry and turn things around on you. You end up feeling worse than before you talked to him. Why Katie Holmes Secretly Filed For Divorce

9 Love Lessons I Learned From My Divorce [EXPERT]
Are you ready to move on?

9 Love Lessons I Learned From My Divorce

Going through a divorce is one of the most painful things for anyone to experience. I can relate from my own personal divorce drama. The day my ex threatened to call the cops because my parents took my son to church, made me wonder, how could it ever get this bad? There were days I felt like I should make a guest appearance on the Jerry Springer show. Getting divorced and going through separation, with children, a once shared home, and pets, is painful and confusing. But it can also be a great teacher.

Why Men Look at Other Women

Why Men Look at Other Women

So, you’re dating a guy, and his Facebook page is open to a hot female friend of his. When you ask him who she is, he’ll tell you that she’s just a friend of his. So then, of course, being a woman, you’ll start becoming a little bit of an interrogator, and you’ll ask him how he knows her. You won’t be satisfied with his answer because you already think something’s going on. And you really want to know the real answer: you really want to know why he’s looking at hot women on the Facebook.

The User

The User

If you have ever met this person I hope they didn't get to take much from you while they were in your life. I unfortunately had this person in my life as well and luckily for me it was short lived. I am talking about the user. The guy or girl that wants to keep up with their "image" through someone else's means or their own friends. There is always going to be someone in your life that takes more than they should and it isn't being reciprocated. They could also want you for your friend which can be embarrassing and humiliating.

3 Essential Tips For Traveling As A Couple [EXPERT]
Don't forget to pack some love!

3 Essential Tips For Traveling As A Couple

Taking your first vacation, as a couple, is a huge relationship milestone. Travel is stressful, no matter where you're going or how many margaritas you've had. Will your relationship survive the journey or will it get left behind in paradise? Here are three ways to ensure your love will outlast your vacation.