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28 Dos & Don'ts Of Divorced Parenting [EXPERT]
Don't let your divorce damage your relationship with your child.

28 Dos & Don'ts Of Divorced Parenting

One of the most damaging things you can do to your child is to use them as an object of your anger. Here is a list of dos and don'ts that can assist you in parenting in a way that best protects your children while you are going through your divorce.

Digital Infidelity: Innocent Fun Or Online Affair? [EXPERT]
Who are you e-flirting with?

Digital Infidelity: Innocent Fun Or Online Affair?

Remember the days when cheating had a very simple definition? "Thou shall not commit adultery or covet thy neighbors..." was pretty straightforward. If you kissed, touched, connected emotionally or had sex with anyone other than your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, it was considered cheating and it was wrong. Enter the age of the internet, smart phones and social networking. The definition of cheating has become a little more complicated.

Why He Keeps You Waiting By The Phone & How To Handle It [EXPERT]
Think before you text!

Why He Keeps You Waiting By The Phone & How To Handle It

Has this ever happened to you? You meet a new guy for coffee and have a great first date. The week goes by. He texts once or twice, but does not ask about the weekend. Then, he finally calls you, on Friday, to talk about the weekend. "Are you free tonight?" he asks. Well, you purposely left the weekend open hoping he would call. So you say, "Yes". You go out and have another great date. Then, you don't hear from him all week, except for some texting. This time, you can't take it. You want to know what is going to happen for the weekend. You can't stand this waiting game.

How To Triumph As A "Supermom" [EXPERT]
Mommyhood is filled with many ups and downs, but the payoff is worth it!

How To Triumph As A "Supermom"

It was a typical Sunday morning in our house. My husband woke up at 8 a.m., made coffee and went outside to cut the grass. The kids were sleeping and I was sitting in bed reading a magazine. My son, Jacob, woke about ten minutes later, just as I was getting into the good part of an article — typical when you have a 5-year-old. Two minutes later, my 3-year-old daughter, Lindsay, found her way into our bed, as well. I tickled their stomachs. We had a pillow fight and we laughed and laughed. It became what we call in our house a "cuddle fest." It was the best moment of my week. Little did I know that three hours later, I would experience the worst moment of my life.

3 Tips For Living Together Happily Over Age 50 [EXPERT]
Marriage isn't always the route to "happily ever after."

3 Tips For Living Together Happily Over Age 50

"More and more Americans over age 50 are choosing to live with their partner instead of getting married, according to a new study, which found that cohabitation among adults in that age range has more than doubled in the past decade." —"More Americans Over 50 Live Together But Don't Marry" by Megan Gannon, News Editor, LiveScience®

Advice for Dating a Celebrity

Advice for Dating a Celebrity

Have you ever thought it would be glamorous to date a celebrity? It seems like it would be all limos, red carpets, and general fabulousness…but you very well may be getting more than you bargained for. Though dating a celebrity sounds super exciting, you may encounter some not-so-exciting things that are different from dating a ‘normal guy’. I recently got an email from a girl new to LA who has found herself randomly dating a famous actor. Here’s her story….

Stage Five Clinger

Stage Five Clinger

I think we have all had someone that we have met and thought, ok we will see what happens. Then the texts, calls, and even him showing up to places that you are at. It normally doesn't take long to figure out someone who is a clingy person. They will text or call you multiple times a day and its normally about nothing or what you are doing or more importantly where you are. 

Online Dating: Tips For The Wary Dater

Online Dating: Tips For The Wary Dater

As a dating and relationship coach that helps my clients with their internet dating strategy and one of my online dating tips is that one has to take their own precautions. You can meet people anywhere like singles events and meet unsafe people. I once had a guy stalk me after meeting me at a happy hour! For what you are paying to join an online dating site, they cannot afford to do background checks. Perhaps the sites can be added as an extra service that would require an additional fee.

5 Things To Consider Before Getting A Divorce

5 Things To Consider Before Getting A Divorce

Divorce is so common these days that it boggles the mind. Of course things change with the passing of time, and no one expects everything to be the same, but divorce 50 years ago compared to now is a completely different animal. It's more common for sure, but also more socially acceptable, considered more healthy, definitely more likely, and considerably more possible than ever before.