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Let's Get Physical

Let's Get Physical

My friend Rebecca and I noticed something strange about men when we were living in Spain.  Despite the care we took to cultivate our respective “looks” whilst on the prowl (I went artsy, sex kitten Boho, Rebecca was a naughty tomboy), our greatest romantic triumphs never happened when we were all dolled up.  During one sweaty afternoon, my friend and I came to realize we were most attractive to men when we were, of all things, jogging. Rebecca and I made it a habit to run around Madrid’s Retiro Park on sunny days.  Always, we went without makeup.  Unshowered.  Hair in messy ponytails.  Mismatched, though admittedly snug, running shorts.  Not exactly the most glamorous of looks, but from the cat calls given to us by male passersby, you’d have thought we were Halle Berry and Julia Roberts on Oscar night. Back in the States, men seem to be equally bowled over by female joggers and, in general, get googly eyed around exercising women.  Of

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Best Bedroom Vows For 2010

Here are my resolutions for 2010: to go to Bikram yoga three days a week, to get in touch with friends I haven't seen in awhile, to pursue a new hobby (maybe photography), and to take two really awesome vacations. Oh, and I have a few sex resolutions too. Last year I vowed to give less blow jobs (achieved!), but 2010 is here, I'm back on the blowie train, and I'm ready to make a few new sexy vows for the next decade. After the jump are 25 sex resolutions—a few of them are mine, but I'm not telling which. What are your sex resolutions for the new year?

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How To Go On An Exercise Date

For a lot of people, exercise and dating don't really go well together, but there are other ways to enjoy quality time with your sweetie while still being active. Here's our guide to finding—and keeping—a fit fella.

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10 Things Not To Say To An Overweight Man

In all your concern about cellulite and bikini body, you may have lost sight of the fact that guys are also self-conscious about being overweight. Seriously-nearly 45 percent of men claim to be dissatisfied with their body for one reason or another. And considering there's an obesity epidemic going on, there's good reason for that. So, while you may think that guys can take a little extra teasing about love handles, bingo wings and hungry butt, don't be so quick to call him out on those extra pounds. Specifically, avoiding the following oversize offensives will help you keep from leaving a bad taste in his mouth.

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650 Pound Virgin Loses Weight—And Finds Love?

All teenage boys want to get laid: there are books that gaily depict their wanton need, as well as an entire genre of movies devoted to the subject. It seems that TLC decided to jump on the bandwagon with "650-Pound Virgin"—the story of David Smith, a (once) 650-pound outcast—that premiered on Sunday night. It was a shocking piece of television, but not for the reason you might think.

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A Good Night's Rest Improves Relationships

Everyone always seems to be on the constant search for more sleep. But catching a little shut-eye can also be the first thing discarded and overlooked when "life" gets in the way. According to a new study, however, getting enough sleep and the quality of a relationship are very much intertwined. Basically, it was found that not sleeping enough negatively affects relationship quality the following day. Conversely, negative relationship interactions during the day have an adverse affect on the quality of sleep that night. A vicious cycle to be sure.

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"Bikini Girl" Does Battle With Kara DioGuardi

Darrell's facial expression, upon realizing that the 38-year-old both out sang and out stripped her, was priceless. Good thing because the Idol castoff is probably down to her last penny after having mid-season boob job. "I was going to ask what's new," Ryan Seacrest said when Darrell took the stage, "but I think I know."

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Acro-Yoga For Couples

Remember how much fun you had playing the airplane game as a child? There you were airborne, hoisted onto someone else's knees. Well, you can relive the fun now with your man through this acro-yoga workout. This newer variation of yoga starts with standard poses and then adds layers of influence from Thai massage and circus tricks.


Fun And Free: The Exercise Date

There was once a time when you could get money for nothing and credit for free. Those days are over. Nowadays, dating must be tempered with fiscal responsibility. That being said, Tomfoolery is helping with cheap date ideas. This time around trying get the endorphins going with a little exercise. From the gym to a nice, scenic job, there's nothing like a little sweat to bring people together.

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I'm Just Not That Into His Weight Gain

Men have long rejected women because of what they perceive as excess weight. We've all heard of men who pressure their wives, partners or girlfriends to lose weight, and often female fears of losing a man will prompt a major overhaul. On the flip side, experts say women often withhold sex as a weapon of last resort when their partners refuse to or don't lose weight.

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The French Discover Another Great Sex Secret

Sarkozy's exercise regimen improved his sex life—and it can better yours, too! The froggy prez has been on a serious exercise regimen, and in the past 10 months has dropped nine pounds and two pants sizes. But there's a not-so-evident benefit as well: improved sex life. Sarkozy's trainer, Julie Imperiali, revealed the secret to her performance-enhancing routine: focus on the perineum. Keeping the perineum in shape is helpful for women as well—ever heard of Kegel exercises?