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Channing Tatum YourTango exclusive Magic Mike
"My wife married a stripper, so she knew what she was getting into!" says Channing.
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Exclusive! Channing Tatum On Magic Mike: "Every Dance Ends Naked"

Over breakfast at the Four Seasons Hotel on a warm summer morning, Tatum appears in jeans and a T-shirt that molds over his massive shoulders. The 32-year-old has a warm smile and a sweet disposition. Even when you ask him about tougher times in his life, he just smiles. "Look, I respect these guys who dance. I respect them for jumping into the thong with both feet," Tatum says. "I've done it before, so I can imagine what it's like for these guys now."

Daryl Wein and Zoe Lister-Jones
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The Writer/Director Couple Behind "Lola Versus" On Messy Breakups

Meet Daryl Wein. He's the 28-year-old NYU graduate who wrote and directed the new film, Lola Versus, which opens in theaters this Friday, June 8. Meet Zoe Lister-Jones, the 29-year-old actress who plays Lola's best friend in the film. She too went to NYU, and she co-wrote Lola Versus. She's also Daryl's girlfriend. Yes, this real-life couple works and plays together. Their combined efforts have resulted in a film that garnered rave reviews at the Tribeca Film Festival, thanks to its earnest portrayal of modern-day heartbreak.

Nick Offerman
Beards are manly. If you grow one, you could save the world.

Nick Offerman: Grow A Beard, Get Virile & Save The World

Nick Offerman, Ron Swanson from NBC's Parks & Recreation, has some advice to men: stop shaving. Not only is a nice beard incredibly virile, it also saves fresh water... a dwindling natural resource. As part of the Grow One, Save A Million campaign with Budweiser, Nick is advocating that men be more manly. It helped him land wife Megan Mullally and adding a person or two into your shower could be just what saves the earth.

Will Smith YourTango exclusive
He's a happy family man!
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Will Smith: "I'm Building The Family I've Always Dreamed Of"

Will Smith enters a room like a tornado. Ask him how he's doing and he smiles before saying, "I feel so good it's a damn shame." His attitude makes your day better. His smile makes you smile. That's the power of Will Smith. He's back in a big way with "Men in Black 3," and is also watching his family rise to stardom. At 43, the superstar who holds court at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills says that there are younger stars nipping at his designer shoes.

Jerry Ferrara YourTango Exclusive
Turtle is single and ready to mingle!
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Caution: This Interview Will Make You Want To Date Jerry Ferrara

Jerry Ferrara—aka Turtle from Entourage—knows how to think like a man whose mind is on the current dating scene in Los Angeles. Thinking like a woman from that high profile area of the world is another matter. The star of "Think Like a Man" and "Battleship" (in theaters today) says that he's dating, but remains a bit confused. The problem is, his manners are old school in a new age of dating that doesn't support all that door opening and chair pulling, not to mention check paying.

Hope Solo YourTango Exclusive
Hope Solo in an exclusive YourTango CelebLove TV interview

Hope Solo: Confident & Ready For The London Olympics

Yes, she's strikingly beautiful, but there's way more to Hope Solo than meets the eye. Nothing gets past her -- not even soccer balls kicked by some of the world's best female athletes. Perhaps that's why this Team USA Goalkeeper is heading to the summer Olympics in London this year to compete for her third gold medal!

Judi Dench YourTango Exclusive
Judi Dench dazzles at the movie's premiere
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"Marigold Hotel" Star Judi Dench: Companionship Has No Age Limit

It's funny – when our parents or grandparents hit retirement age and older, we often lose the ability to relate to them. We may think they're stubborn, incapable of change and reluctant to accept anything new in their life. But the heartfelt comedy released this weekend, "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel," takes this idea and flips it on its head.

Maria Menounos YourTango Exclusive
Maria Menounos Gets A Perfect Score On And Off The Dance Floor

Maria Menounos: A Perfect Score On & Off The Dance Floor

Earlier this week, "Extra" host Maria Menounos made headlines by nailing the first perfect score of the season on "Dancing With The Stars." She says she owes it all to her dance partner and coach, Derek Hough, but there's a quality about Menounos that leads us to believe if she wants something bad enough, she'll get it. Whether it's 10s across the board on the dance floor or a long-term, loving relationship, this girl makes it happen.

Alison Brie and Emily Blunt
These beautiful and hilarious ladies crush it in this flick!
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Emily Blunt & Alison Brie On Love, Exes And ... Passing Gas?

Sitting across from Emily Blunt and Alison Brie, one can get a really accurate sense of what days on the set of The Five-Year Engagement were like – there were probably a ton of laughs at the expense of their co-star Jason Segel, and some girly heart-to-hearts about the actresses' own love lives. With a movie premise as surprisingly real as this one, how could there not have been?

Amy Smart YourTango Exclusive
Amy Smart with an adorable pooch!

Amy Smart: "Animals Are A Constant Reminder Of Love"

You could say actress Amy Smart is 'Shameless' about her love for pets. As a long supporter of Best Friends Animal Society and various other pet adoption initiatives in Los Angeles, the 36-year-old knows that owning a dog, cat or other animal can be the key to a happy life... and marriage.

Sam Worthington YourTango Exclusive
The Aussie is not always a total bad ass!
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"Wrath Of The Titans" Hunk Sam Worthington On His Softer Side

Sam Worthington is a screen hunk who doesn't mind a little teasing from his girlfriend, Crystal Humphries. She will even point out the fact that he's not exactly "Workout Guy." "I don't really like the gym. I try to put that fact into my characters," he jokes. "In fact, my girlfriend watched Wrath (of The Titans) and said, 'Sam, you run really funny. You look out of breath and out of shape. It's so real.'"

Josh Hutcherson YourTango Exclusive
"That's what you do when you love someone," says Hutcherson.
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"Hunger Games" Josh Hutcherson On Sacrificing It All For Love

He was always a driven actor, even in the years before he could drive. Josh Hutcherson leans against the balcony in his suite at the Kahala Hotel on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, sips some guava juice and tells you this story. "I got my hands on a phone book at age nine and looked up local acting agents," Hutcherson, a native of Kentucky, says with a smile. "Then I called one up and said, 'Hi, my name is Josh and I'm going to be a movie star.'"

Exclusive! Elizabeth Olsen On What Scares Her The Most
Hey, she looks like those famous twins we know!
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Exclusive! Elizabeth Olsen On What Scares Her The Most

It seems that everyone in the world wants a piece of the Olsen empire—except for one person. Call her "The Other Olsen." Elizabeth Olsen didn't ask her famed twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley for a career booster shot. The star of the hit Martha Marcy May Marlene and Silent House did it on her own.